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How to copy videos to Kindle Fire HD

Updated on June 19, 2013

One of the benefits of having an Amazon Kindle Fire HD is that it can also play video files. With an internal memory size of about 18GB, you could store as much as 10 full length movies under 1gb or 2500 music videos sized about 4MB each. Personally I just still have only one dvd movie converted to MP4 stored in my Kindle on the movie

According to Amazon, the Kindle Fire HD was designed specifically for HD movies and Games without compromising the battery life. Talking about battery life, this device can play 6 hrs of movie or more on a fully charged battery and the sound is superb - much better than a laptop.

Copying videos to Kindle Fire HD

if you'd want to copy videos to your Kindle Fire, you just need to have them in the required mp4 OR 3gp format and the do a file transfer from your other device to the Kindle. I t is much faster to actually copy video files from a desktop computer or laptop to the Kindle using the USB cable that it comes with. Bluetooth transfers are much slower than cable transfers.

Things you will need

  • The video (mp4 or 3gp)
  • Kindle Fire HD
  • Transfer medium (bluetooth, usb cable or internet connection)

How to Copy

Copying via USB cable

  1. Ensure you already have the video files stored in the primary location e.g laptop
  2. Connect your Kindle Fire HD via the cable to your laptop
  3. Copy the video files
  4. Open your Kindle FIre hd's internal storage > Movies
  5. Paste the video files there

Copying using Bluetooth

  1. Start up bluetooth services on your laptop/phone
  2. Start up bluetooth too on Kindle by going to Wireless > Bluetooth
  3. Search and pair your devices
  4. Begin transfer from your source to Kindle
  5. You can open the files by going to your bluetooth folder

Copying from the internet

You can copy mp4 or other supported Kindle video files by using your Silk web browser if there are any direct links available. You can also copy video files directly from Youtube using a YouTube mp4 converter app. There are many of such apps available on You can also convert YouTube videos to a range of Kindle Fire formats like mp4 and 3gp using lots of online tools and the one I use is at

How to play your videos on Kindle Fire HD

  1. Simply go to Apps > Personal Folder > Movies
  2. Open the video you want
  3. It starts to play in media player

It is that easy.

If you want to have a lot of videos on your Kindle, it is best to restrict the video file size to around 2MB to 5MB. Copying larger video files from DVDs can take a lot of space out of your 18gb.

Which video files are better? Personally I tend to get more picture quality from mp4 files than from 3gp files. The 3gp tend to look better on mobile phones than on Kindle fire.


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