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How to create Presentation in PowerPoint 2007?

Updated on November 17, 2010

Creating Presentations


There are several ways of creating presentation. These include:

·         Creating a presentation using blank slides.

·         Creating a presentation from an Installed template.

·         Creating a presentation from an Installed theme.

·         Creating presentation from an existing one.

Working with Texts


Text, phrases, and paragraphs can be added to a slide by creating a text box and/or placeholder and then tyoing in it.

ü  Placeholders – are boxes with dotted outlines which can be seen in majority of slide layouts. These boxes hold text or objects such as graphics, charts and tables.

ü  Text boxes – are used to place text anywhere on a slide, such as outside a text placeholder.

Different Slide Views


ü  Normal View – has three panes: outline and slide tabs pane; slide pane; and the notes pane. It lets you work on your presentation’s every aspect in one place by maximizing the use of the three panes. Displays one slide at a time on the slide pane.

ü  Slide Sorter View – all slides of your presentation are displayed as thumbnails. Lets you add, delete, move slides, add slide transitions, and preview slide animation on multiple slides.

ü  Slide Show View – lets you preview your presentation in an electronic slide show. Used when delivering your presentation to an audience.


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