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How to create a blog for free?

Updated on October 25, 2016

You have decided to start a blog and you want to know how to create a blog for free? You get in the right place.

Whether you want to keep an online diary, share your passion or promote a business, creating a blog is a great idea! It is also very simple. In this article, you will find is a collection of the best tools to create a blog for free, some important things to know before you open your web space.

Let's start!

Tools to create a blog for free

There are many platforms to create a blog for free in a few minutes. Among the most popular, there are definitely Blogger,, and Tumblr.


Blogger is the platform to make Google's blogging. It is very popular and millions of blogs run under Blogger. When you open a blog on Blogger, you will first need to choose the name of your site. This will be used in the domain, which will have the extension

To define the look of your blog site, you can choose one of the templates available on the platform, or use another one downloaded from the web there are available for free and paid. is the "little brother" of We focus precisely on, which is the full version of WordPress and without limits. If you are interested to know what are the differences between the two versions of the platform, if will be briefly discussed in another article.

The process to create a free blog on WordPress is similar to the one for Blogger. Simply, you sign up to the platform, choose your website name and, in this case, select one of the available templates (WordPress, templates are called 'themes'). In this case, your blog domain will be constituted by the name you choose for the web space, followed by the words


Finally, there is Tumblr, which now has more than 314 million live blogs. It is a platform with a little different from Blogger and WordPress. While Blogger and WordPress have a more 'traditional' (ideal for those who want to write text-based posts), Tumblr is best for those who like to load, search, and share multimedia content.

These three platforms allow you to create a free blog in a few minutes.

But there is a 'but'… Important considerations before you open your blog for free

In fact, start a blog so fast and at no cost does not guarantee you the professional results. If you want to create a blog, to manage it only as a hobby in your spare time, platforms like Blogger and Tumblr may be sufficient, but only for a very early stage.

If you want to create a blog that is professional, is to work as a blogger to promote an existing task, I believe that the platforms described above are not suitable. Rather, make a small investment will enable you to adopt a much more viable option.

However, it true that there are bloggers and web marketers, who have built an online business using Blogger or In most cases, however, they have used the premium features of these platforms - that is, are not limited to the options offered free of charge.

Some limitations of the free blog

Here are some things you will have to consider to create a blog for free…

You can’t register your own unique domain: Any website must have a domain that is the address where users can reach to you. As we have seen, if you are using Blogger in your domain will be marked (Blogspot is the Google domain service), while if you use WordPress there will, and so on. These extensions are the first and obvious signal that a blog has been created using a free service. There is nothing wrong with that but certainly, does not communicate professionalism. Register a domain has a very low cost and is undoubtedly a good investment.

You can’t add all the features you want: When you choose to create a blog for free, the features that you can implement are limited to those 'basic' offered by the platform you choose. Surely, this may be fine for those who want to manage their blog as a hobby. But when you decide to implement monetization strategies, do email marketing via newsletters, add a section e-commerce, etc., will put the not inconsiderable restrictions.

You will not have full control over your content: In fact, when you create a free blog on, Tumblr or Blogger, you make use of one server space that does not belong to you. Will you be the author of the content; you can export them and eventually transfer them to another platform. Blogger reserves the right to remove without your consent (for example, if you violate their terms of service), and possibly reused. Moreover, even if on steps to premium plan, you will never access to site files and no control over the server. You cannot install plug-in or external issues, and you will be precluded from adding new features.

A valid alternative

Without a doubt, there are many options available in premium, but I think the most viable alternative to free platforms is just The .org version of WordPress is free software that you can install on your own server space and customize as you wish. It gives you complete control over the content and, if you have programming skills, you can work directly on the codes and modify them to your liking. In addition, WordPress offers thousands of plugins. Plugins are small pieces of apps that can be installed on the site to add the most diverse functions.

Why create a blog using is not free?

To create a site using WordPress CMS, you will need at least a domain you registered, and a server space. To get professional results, you should in the case of also buy a theme and useful plugins, which serves to define the look and even some of your site's functionalities.

Overall, the cost to build a site of this kind are still very low and allow to obtain a complete site and able to respond to your needs.


WordPress is a platform that can help you to grow your business with professionalism. Before you create a blog for free, you should therefore carefully evaluate this option. If your goals are not limited to amateur choice, opt for, the best solution to create highly professional websites and also simply. If you have questions or concerns, I encourage you to leave a comment below to post.

Which platform do you prefer for free blog?

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© 2016 Akramul Haq Sagar


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