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How to create an email signature in Outlook

Updated on April 14, 2011

Creating an Email Signature in Outlook

Step 1:

Open Outlook and select the "tools" option from the top menu. In the tools menu select "options".

Step 2

Select the "mail format" tab. At the bottom of the "mail format" window select "signatures..." and then "new..."

Step 3

Enter name for the sig file and select the "start with a blank signature" button. Select "next"

Step 4

Enter signature text into signature box

--------Start copy text------------

Enter Company Name

Phone: 250-555-1234

Fax: 250-555-5678



--------end copy text------------

Highlight the email address and right click. Select "edit hyperlink". Make sure the text in the URL window reads Repeat for the web address. The URL window text should read

Step 5

Select finish in the edit signature window

Select "OK" in the create signature window and "OK" in the option window.

From the options window you can select what signtures you want for new mail and replies.

Step 6

When you open a new mail message your default signature will be already included. If you have more than 1 signature file you can select which one you want to use by right clicking on it and choosing from the drop down list.

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