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How to create batch files, examples and usage.

Updated on April 29, 2011

How to create batch files for use on Windows, practical examples of its uses and applications.

Using batch files has become immensely popular for its practical utility for all Windows users. Facilitate the execution of multiple tasks, repetitive, tedious and difficult to perform manually. Its use has the following advantages:

  • No installation or configuration required, just two clicks to use.
  • No space, only a few KB.
  • No cause conflicts and work on all versions of Windows.

Be downloaded from various sources or performed manually by the user, which is not difficult and may even not have advanced knowledge.

What are batch files, how they work.

Batch files are simple text files that contain instructions written in language MSDOS, to save these files with a. Cmd and give two clicks, Windows opens with the command that executes the orders written on them.

A simple example may serve to show you:

Open Windows Notepad and write the following two lines:



Close the file and save it with the name: test.cmd, now takes two clicks on it and run, simple DIR command causes the console displays a list of all files inside the directory where you ran the batch.

Another example of its utility, type the following line and save with the name: BackupDocuments.CMD

ROBOCOPY% userprofile%\Documents C:\Documents_copy\ *. doc / S

The batch will create a new folder on drive C named: Documents_copy and it will copy all the documents it finds in your Documents folder.

Practical uses for batch files.

Batch files can run virtually any task in Windows, its most common uses are:

  • Run programs and applications.
  • Delete multiple files simultaneously in several directories (useful for removing virus)
  • Perform custom searches on the PC or network.
  • List and collect any information.
  • Effectively copy files, folders and entire directories.
  • Backups and data backups automatically.

In the following pages you will find a huge collection of batch files to run multiple tasks in Windows you can download free.

PC trouble. Tips and tricks for Windows and Internet browsing.

Commands, and batch scripts for Windows.

Tutorial that explains simply and step by step how to make your batch file for personal and specific.

Tutorials and guides to create MS-DOS commands and Windows Batch

I hope these lines will stimulate and awaken your interest in these small applications.


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