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How To Create Longer Videos With Your Sj4000 Action Camera

Updated on April 9, 2016

Lengthen Your Videos On Your SJCAM

So my Sj4000 arrived and I have been using it and I am very happy with the quality considering it only cost me $65 US dollars. One thing I noticed is that it was not recording videos longer than 3:01 minutes and then it would create a new video file. This became a bit of a problem when it came to syncing the audio and the video together. It is very simple to change this so that it will not do this in the future.The first thing you want to do is turn on your Sj4000 action camera. Once you have turned your camera on the first thing you want to do is scroll down until you reach the option that says "Cycic Record" You want to press "ok" to select this option and then you will see four options which will say " Off, 3 minutes, 5 minutes and 10 minutes and you want to select the option which says off by selecting this option and press "ok". It is that simple.

Create Longer Videos On Your Sj4000

Cyclic Record Option
Cyclic Record Option | Source
Turn Off Cyclic Record
Turn Off Cyclic Record | Source

I was having some troubles trying to sync the audio and the video it will be fine for the first couple of 3 minute videos however later on in the videos the audio would not be in the correct place. Hopefully changing this so that it records one large video instead of many little videos will solve this problem. I will try to create a new video sometime this week and see how it goes. I plan to write more hubs and create more videos about this product in the future I am going to try and set it up as a dash cam and also make some motovlogs also I will create a hub/video with other problems I may encounter along the way and how to solve these problems. I have also included a video below which shows you step by step how to change the settings on your sj4000 in order to create longer videos.


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