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How to use a song to create ringtones for your iPhone within iTunes

Updated on August 23, 2011

Sometimes you have a music and you want to make a ringtone out of it, but you only want to choose part of the music... It's really simple to create an iPhone ringtone using just iTunes :)

You can also find on the web lots of ringtones for you iphone or any other phone, but be careful with the "phone clubs" that charge you a weekly amount for ringtones, whether you want them or not.

Here's how you can create ringtones for your iphone using iTunes:

  • Select the song you want and listen to it;
  • Choose 40 seconds of the song that you want to use for the ringtone and keep note of the start and end time;
  • Right click the song and go to "get info";
  • On the "options" tab you will find a place to put the beggining and end of the song, put here the values you took note before;
  • Click ok and go to the "advanced" menu
  • Here choose the option "create aac version"
  • It will appear another song, just with the 40 seconds you choosed, above the song you wanted;
  • Drag and drop that song into you desktop;
  • Delete the song from your iTunes library;
  • Change the extension of the song in your desktop from "m4a" to "m4r", the iPhone ringtone format;
  • Drag this song to the "library", on the top left of iTunes - it will automatically add it to the ringtones part;
  • Then plug your iPhone and choose to sync ringtones :)

That's it! You should have your iPhone ringtone done. The reason that we choosed 40 seconds it's because it's the maximum time that iPhone allows for ringtones.

Were you able to do it? Was it easy?

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