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Helpful Tips On Creating Your Online Resume

Updated on June 5, 2015

Show Potential Clients, Employers And Recruiters A More Comprehensive Profile With A Visual Curriculum Vitae.


Resumes are not only a necessary tool for those seeking employment, but it's an invaluable branding tool that provides potential employees with an overview of your particular skills and work experiences. It also provides a glimpse into the kind of person that you are and in difficult economic times, who you are as an individual is just as likely to land you the job as who your alma mater is.

The resume is no longer strictly limited to a one or two page documentation of your work history. Certainly, the single most important function of your resume is still to get the interview, but how employers view your resume has changed dramatically.

When creating your resume, it's best to tailor it toward the specific job you are applying for. Although you may have vast experience within your field, your knowledge and expertise is must be limited to a pages, however, when creating your online resume, whether it is on LinkedIn or your website or a visual CV, you are able to express yourself more fully by offering additional information on your work experience, showcasing your hobbies and talents and including recommendations from others that have found you to be a valuable asset.

Creating a more complete profile will surely expand your opportunities and will be potentially viewed by a broader audience.

Helpful resources for writing your resume, whether you are writing a traditional resume or an online cv.

There are many online resume hosting sites available. I would recommend one of the following:


-Visual CV

-Lead You

-My Resume Online

Where To Begin.......................

Visual CV is only one of the many online resume services available. Another you may wish to review is
Visual CV is only one of the many online resume services available. Another you may wish to review is | Source

Whatever site you choose, each of them has an introductory page that helps you build your resume. Different sites allow varying degrees of creativity, but all are quite simple to use. Once you've decided which services to move forward with, it's time to start constructing your profile.

Because I created my online resume on visualCV, I'll be using that site as an example.


Unlike a paper resume, your online resume is not limited to 1 or 2 pages- Your online profile has fewer restrictions. The primary benefit of having an online resume is your ability to include much more information and in much more detail. You can, and should, include all the information you would post on a written resume, but with an online profile you should additional accomplishments, graphs, video and testimonials.

An online profile SHOULD include recommendations- Many professional resume writers and recruiters may tell you not to place recommendations on your resume. Rather they encourage you to state something like this: recommendations available upon request. Your online profile however, has ample space to include recommendations and testimonials. Perhaps you have volunteered for several years and you have a few letters that express your willingness to work hard and that you are a creative problem solver. You'll certainly want to post those onto your cv.

Consistency is key- The information cited on your resume and online profile (and your Google profile, Facebook....) must be can consistent. Be sure to double check your employment dates and titles to ensure that your information is factual and accurate.

Include your website, blog, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc- Include any additional information if it is professional and will help enhance your profile. If you are seeking a future as a professional photographer and you have posted many of your pictures on Pinterest, be sure to include a link to your account, for example.


Be sure that when you are building your online resume that you are concise. Although you have the opportunity to add a wealth of information to your online profile, the people scanning your resume don't necessarily want to read pages and pages before getting a sense of who you are.

Once you've signed up for VisualCV, you'll have an opportunity to view other online resumes in a variety of professions. I found this to be most helpful. Because much of my work has been in creative fields, I wanted to include magazine layouts that I'd worked on, catalogs that I'd developed and pictures of food that I had styled. Pictures tell a more complete story. If you are a sales person, VisualCV allows you to input graphs that can highlight your sales history. If you are presenter, this is an ideal forum to insert your video of a recent lecture.

What Should You Include On Your VisualCV?

At the top of the visualCV page there is a place holder for your picture. If you would prefer to insert graphics or leave it blank you can. There is a small window for you to insert a logo, as well. I chose the double-G because it appears on my written resume and on my personal business cards. On the right side of my page you begin to see examples of my work. There are so many ways to create your online profile, I suggest that you review a few of these helpful sites:


VisualCV in Plain English

Your Online Resume is Finished, What Now?

Let's be honest, most people don't update their resumes until they need to. When you find yourself unemployed and searching for work is the time you scramble to recall the dates you graduated college and where you worked 7 years ago. Building and maintaining your visualCV will allow you to not only stay up-to-date, but it will allow you to have a presence on the web. You just never know from where your next exciting opportunity will come or from whom. Maintaining your online resume with all it's added benefits will help you to build your brand and stay current. Connecting your visual CV to your LinkedIn profile and your Facebook account will serve as a reminder that if you've got a few minutes to post on FB, you can surely add a little something to your visualCV.


Get in the habit of keeping a folder with all your recent professional activities handy so they are not forgotten

When life is busy (and when is it not busy) it is very easy to forget what happened last month. Don't let a lapse in memory derail your efforts to build an impressive profile.

When you receive that promotional note from your employer, file it in the desktop folder you've labeled 'CV Updates'. Likewise, when handouts of the company's sales report come out and your this month's key sales associate, be sure to include a copy in your folder. When you have a few minutes, you can then quickly access all the information you've collected and add it to your visualcv within minutes. Time well spent!

Once people begin reviewing your visualCV, they will quickly learn not only were you have worked but what kind of employee you are. If you have added a video of your work, sample images of your schematics, pdf's of your published articles, links to your website or a list of your affiliations, people will get a truer understand of the person you are and what you have to offer.

Comments? Question? Please leave them here. I'm happy to be of help if I can. Good Luck creating your visual cv!

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