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How to develop and sell websites with no programming knowledge

Updated on June 12, 2010

I see lot of articles on hubpages about making money using SEO and freelance article and some other options. But I didn't find anything about making money by selling websites. This option needs investment to buy the softwares,plugins or hosting but it is worth when we look at the outcome of it. It can be turned into a full time business with good strategies.

Now I will get into the topic. Though you do not need a programming knowledge, you should have an understanding about how a normal tools work. Websites can be build using many CMS ( content management systems) available on the Internet out of which you can rely on wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. I prefer wordpress than anyother CMS if you want to make and sell websites. Because, wordpress comes with number of plugins that you can bring in the content and auto run the website easily. This is the main feature that any customer who is just getting into web will be looking for. Just look at the entry level websites at flippa to understand this.

Here are the steps to do it.

1. Buy hosting at any web hosting company. This is the place where you build your website. It costs just around $8-$9 per month. It is important to choose a good hosting provider with no down time and good customer service. This is because, you are providing service other and your response time or service to your customer should not depend on the hosting provider. I prefer Hostgator for buying the webhosting.Because, they provide a very good customer service and also offers Google adwords coupons for free. So far, I received $150 coupons ($50, $100). So virtually I didn't spend anything for hosting.( But I can not guarantee about the coupon stuff for you).

2. Install wordpress in your hosting space using the Fantastico link in your control panel (you get all these links when you buy hosting). This is similar to installing a normal software.

3. Next is to install a wordpress template which would attract the customers. Most of the websites that I see on Flippa for sale use Revolution Church as the theme. This is a premium template and would cost you $80. This is an excellent template to give a rich look to your website.

4. Bring content: when you want to build website and sell it, you can not spend time in writing the content yourself. You can use wordpress plugins to automatically bring the content and post in your website. You should target a key word and bring the content for that keyword. The most powerful plugin for this purpose is WP-Robot. This is auto posting plugin for wordpress which can pull relevent products from Amazon,clickbank,ebay and questions and answers from yahoo answers based on akeyword that you input. It costs around $170. This plugin is the key for your website and so this investment is very much required.

Next you can use lot of other free wordpress plugins to bring a decent look to your website. some of the free plugins are 'featured content','photo gallery' etc.

So, you can start building your websites with an investment of $260-$280.

There are an other plugin called 'Auto Social Poster' which will auto submit the blog post to around 30 social booking marking sites such as Digg,propeller etc whenever a blog post is entered by wp-robot. This I want to discuss in my next hub. It will be about how to auto publicize your website using wordpress plugins.

Though you feel it little difficult and time consuming process, It will not take more than a day to build a site even for the first time. When you learn how to do it, you can build a site in less 2 hours. These kind of fresh niche sites ( keyword targeted websites) are sold for $70-$80 per site.

But the important point here is about finding a good or right keyword for making the site. You can build many websites targeting different keywords and sell them.

You should also buy domain name for each of the website that you make and it costs $10 per year. when you are ready start it, you can contact the domain provider through the customer service who can guide in the right direction for properly setting up your hosting for the domain name.


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    • profile image

      TheGlacier 7 years ago from USA/INDIA

      Hi Theboxmeister,

      I say $250 of investment is worth. Because once you buy the plugin's you can make any number of websites and sell them for $60-$70. You just need to target one keyword for each niche site. You get back your investment with first 4 websites and then on all will be profit.

      And you can easily switch into other business like webhosting reselling, when your customers do not have eny hosting already and wanted you to suggest one. You can make money from hosting providers with affiliate commission.

    • theboxmeister profile image

      theboxmeister 7 years ago

      Even if Drupal is the award wining CMS of 2009 I do like WordPress the most. It is easy to use and for basic needs is faster to deploy.

      I do have one question though. I think that spending around 250$ in creating a website that sell it around 100$ won't make a good investment for the seller. There must be a cheaper way of deploying niche websites that will sell good.