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How to develop mobile application

Updated on July 16, 2011

Now-a-days mobile phone becomes a device by which we can do various functions like internet browsing, mobile music, money transfer, and gaming etc along with phone call or SMS. Mobile application made this possible. A mobile application is nothing but a program that performs a specific task defined by the developer which is compatible with several small device created by a third party rather than mobile phone manufacturer. These applications do as same as basic apps like phone book, ringtones do. Now at first look at the origin of mobile application. It is hard to determine the definite time and developer of mobile apps but an approximation could assume. It was in 1998-1999 when Java 2 micro Edition (Java2ME) technology was founded in order to deal with building applications for small devices with limited memory, display and power. However other technology was founded in following years; 2001 Symbian, 2003 windows mobile and others are later. Why do we need mobile applications? Just think, for internet browsing, gaming or listening music we needed a computer about ten years ago. But now these can do with your small smart or mobile device by virtue of mobile applications, and day by day demand of mobile application is increasing.

Types of Mobile applications

A wide range of applications has developed by phone manufacturer and third party developer. Here I categorized these applications into followings:

Utility applications are of various types some may used in calculating mortgage loan payment, convert different units. Also this type includes normal calculator, scientific calculator, study related applications and others.

Entertainment applications include music players, video players, update music, latest news about music and video. These applications entertain you to release from work pressure. These are extensively used by mobile phone users.

Gaming applications are also extensively used by young, teenage even aged phone users. There are a lot of gaming apps, some for example are: Sudoku, chess, puzzle games, car racing, shooter and so on. These apps are also a way of refreshing your mind.

News apps provide you latest news and information around world. You can get news from home and abroad on a specific subject. These apps are very useful for all.

Search tool apps provide you facility to find any information you want to know. You can imagine it as an alternative of Google in your mobile device.

Internet browsing apps are extensively used to get access into and browsing internet. Theses apps may provide you the facilities to upload and share images and videos, online video streaming etc that we found in usual PC browsers.

Weather forecasting apps are useful to know weather condition of today, tomorrow or even throughout a week in a specific region. However, there also many apps which are available along with these categories that are very useful such as FM radio, Bluetooth, GPS system, travel guide etc.

Development of mobile apps

Mobile apps are now a way of increase marketing of mobile phones, smart phones and tablet PCs because these can be a versatile device by supporting a wide verity of application. Often phone manufacturers require new featured apps so that that device can compete in market. However, in order to develop a mobile application you need to decided the category of application you intend to develop; utility, game, news or entertainment. Before that you must have knowledge about computer programming and about the OS of mobile phone for which you intend create an application. Then you have to choose the platform of mobile application. Some platforms are Android, Java2ME, Symbian, iphone, blackberry, windows mobile etc. While choosing platform it should keep in mind that at first one should work with one platform because some applications are compatible with more than one type of phone. Becoming a mobile app developer for any company may require some financial investment at first, but once you become an expert you don’t need to look back. You should be a registered member to the company for which you want to be an app developer; here they require a membership fee. Then they provide you guideline and helpful manual in creation process. Away from this you also can create application if you already know how mobile OS works and about programming. Then analyze your application, start coding and compiling then your application should to be tested. If application functions properly it is ready to use.

When you are going to develop a mobile application you should keep in mind that there are a lot of applications available in market as same type of yours. Your application should be oriented to customers so that you can find a good place in market.

Pros and cons of apps

Regarding to mobile apps, its advantages are extensive than disadvantages. Developers create applications according to customer’s demand that may not be suitable for everyone. For example gaming apps may not fits with aged persons, so it depends on user’s view what type of application s/he needs. Mobile apps makes things easier such that a small device that everybody carries in their pocket gives news update, weather update, solve laborious computing problems, even entertain you. Whatever, since mobile is a low powered, low memory small device if a large amount of apps are installed naturally it slows down. Some apps may also have risk of virus, but it depends on your application developer. Again platform and OS of phone is an important factor while application developing for one phone dose not support another type of mobile phone.

However, now mobile phones, PDAs or smart phones are being popular due to their versatile usage by installing various important applications with in them. Also there are a number of companies arises to develop applications on the basis of customer demand. So customers can compare and pick up their own application. Developing mobile application can also brings a lot of money. Here is some referral website links which provides you information about developing apps in various platforms.





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