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What is OnPage and OffPage SEO, How to do it in any website and maximize traffic

Updated on July 1, 2012

What is SEO and why it is requires

While doing SEO the question arises what is SEO and why it is require. So the answer is, SEO is an process of making search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing aware of your website. When any user queries for string search engine displays the relevant results. So SEO is required if you want to increase the traffic of your website via search engines. It is interesting to note that 60-70% of traffic is directed by search engines.

What are On Page and Off page SEO

The difference between the two is that On Page SEO is done while developing website at pages which are being created. On page SEO helps search engines to find keywords for which results are to be shown.

On other side Off page SEO is done after the website development have finished. It helps in getting higher ranking in search results. If a link is displayed at 10th page the site may not get any traffic because only first results matter. It was noticed that 80-90% user click results from first 10 Google results. So it becomes extremely important to perform off page SEO.

How to do On Page SEO

Meta tags

Meta tags are most important part of on page seo. Meta tags are HTML tags used in HEAD tag.Their are mainly 3 types of meta tags.

How to use meta tags



<meta name="description" content="Website Description" />
<meta name="keywords" content="keywords separated by comma like HTML,CSS" />
<meta name="author" content="Amit Kumar" />
Here keyword tag is most important. keywords should not be done filled with irreverent words. A careful research should be done before choosing keywords. Using more keywords is not a key for higher traffic so use only limited and relevant keywords.

Google Traffic Estimator is most powerful tool for researching keywords.

Informative URLs

The second major optimization is website URL. First the domain name should be chosen carefully, it will work great if it have any keyword relating your business, The next big thing is URL of pages. For example for and Contact Us page is much informative than the pages URL's should be taken care of , it would be great if it can contain keywords.

Text Formating

Text should be written in clean format.Title of page must be accurate and should not exceed 80 characters. Heading size should be chosen correctly, a H1 tag have higher preference than other Heading tags so choose them correctly according to need. This of cause not mean that write all test in H1 text. The font size of paragraph much be enough for proper reading.

Use Anchor tag

Anchor tag is not only used to link to other pages but to different segments of same page.

First the name of segment is to be given like:

<a name="Segment"></a>

then check where to place to link(index at top)

<a href="#Segment>Go to Segment</a>

Off Page Optimizations

Search Engine Submissions

Search engine submission is process of make search engines aware of your website. Google is most important search engine to focus. Following are urls to submit website

Google Webmasters

Bing Webmasters (Yahoo use the same service)

Ask Submit site

Site can also be submitted to local search engines like Baidu in China or in India

Directory Submission

There are several directories online which index sites according to category. Dmoz and Yahoo directories are most famous of them

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking are online tools to create and manage bookmarks. As making a bookmark also makes a backlinkg which may result into higher ranking in results. The description and title of bookmark is important while creating.

Some popular Social bookmarking sites are




Forum Posting and writing articles/ Link Building

Forum posting and article writing are long term methods for link building. The more the back links of site , more will be changes of getting high rank positions. Choose some popular forums and start contribution toward them. If you have any website related to Android , xda is best forum to select.

Articles can submitted to various niche sites to start link building. Freelance writers can be hired for this Job. The benefit of articles result into a quality backlink with little effort.

Contribute on answer sites

Yahoo answers and are most popular Q/A sites. It can be used to increase quality traffic by using it in write way not spamming. Select the question related to your site and answer them and put your website URL to 'Source' box.

Promote at Social Networking Websites

Social networking websites are becoming most important platform for business promotion. A page can be created at Facebook and Google Plus to promote website it keep the pages updated with latest content on website. Use like and +1 button at your website. Twitter is also popular to make a social community.

Other important things to do

  • Create a sitemap of your website and submit it to webmasters
  • Use RSS feed and E-mail Newsletter
  • Use website URL as E-mail signature
  • Make a Facebook application which shares to all friends if one have visited the website


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