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How to do commercials and banners in MS OFFICE WORD - fast "step by step" recipe

Updated on July 17, 2011

Have you ever use the MS Word to banner making?

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Nice banner making, basics of graphic, beautiful logo for homepage…presented things are dream of every webmaster.

Many people are thinking that this dream requires skills of specialist or cash for renting a graphic – but true are lied in another spot. Basic things, like logo or banner is at hand! Cheap and fast, just in a few minutes!

I want to present you a famous program which can be used to do it and its name is….WORD.

Yes, I’m thinking about famous part of MS Office pack.

MS Office is not cheap thing if you want to buy it in the shop, but usual it is added to most of the new computers.

Word Language Warning

I'm sorry for that my Word is not in English language, but I'm using Polish version. I hope that it will not have any influence on hub readability because of nice photos ;-)

MS WORD Functions

In what purpose we can use WORD

  1. Writing ;-)
  2. Typing shapes.
  3. Editing edges and interiors of shapes.
  4. Filling it by texture or gradient.
  5. Typing the text inside shapes and giving to it special effects like for example shining.
  6. Adding 3-W effects which are similar to 3D.

Step 1#

Lets start with some useful. Web banner, which can be typed into our website.

To do it, just click on the shape and choose - for example – this one.

Now it is time to place it by left click on free field. You can drag it for move or resize – just like Windows in Microsoft Windows System.

Step #2

It is good idea to fulfill a banner by nice color. We can use single color or homemade texture but in the example I will use one of default ones.

Step #3

If you want to edit edges, you can do it this way:

Step #4

Every shapes and text can be pimped up by special effects like shadows or 3-W effect.

Step #5

Now I will try to add Shining Star. Let’s go.

I choose sixteen-armed star patern.

Step #6

I know that star shall be white, but mine will be orange like…orange ;-) Color of the star is in the menu.

Step #7

Gradient time!

Step #8

The picture is presenting star with 3-W effect.

Step #9

Now we can combine star and banner by draging it together.

It is so sweet, is not it? ;-)

Don’t look at the esthetic valor of the banner – I’m focused on technique and giving to you practice recipe. I’m not focused on art or esthetic senses.


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    • profile image

      natureman29 6 years ago

      thnx...i used it

    • froch profile image

      froch 6 years ago from Tychy

      Thank you ;-)

    • mkrandhawa profile image

      mkrandhawa 6 years ago from India

      Useful Hub.Voted up