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How to download and install Google chrome on Kindle Fire HD

Updated on January 13, 2013

Google Chrome is one of the most versatile and fastest browsers and growing in popularity among internet users and with the recent launch of latest Kindle fire, an android device, lots of users have only hoped to be able to use or at least have the option of using Google chrome besides the default Kindle Silk browser.

The Kindle silk browser is also fast and for me, has the same feel and usability like Chrome and for a while I thought it was powered by Chrome technology but in reality, they are different technologies and I guess Chrome can offer more on Kindle.

Enter Google Chrome for Android

Well initially Google Chrome was not designed specifically for Android devices as it was mostly for computers as a full browser but lately a beta version has been lauched called Chrome for Android. It is still in its beta version according to a publication on and you can download it by going to

Chrome for Android would be able to work on Kindle devices since they are of the same platform and people are hoping it would work much efficiently too. It is a third party app and you would not be able to find it on Amazon's appstore since they don't directly approve of it.

Basic things needed

  1. Kindle Fire HD
  2. Google Chrome apk file. (I got it from
  3. Wireless internet connection

Where to download Google Chrome for Kindle Fire

From third parties: Like your peers or trusted websites with googduser reviews. The idea is just to simply download the Google chrome apk file from users who have already used it and then installing it on Kindle either by copying from your computer or a web link..

From Google Store: You can download it from the Google website by opening up Google play app and browsing for Chrome. This is only possible if you already have Google play app on your Kindle. It would lead you to where you can download the apk file directly to Kindle Fire and then be able to install it directly. The idea is to just get the apk file for Chrome and you will be able to install it as you would install any other app on Kindle Fire. This is the safer method but Amazon doesn't support Google play and the way around this is by rooting your device first.

How to install Google Chrome beta for Android

  1. First allow third party installations temporarily by going to More > Devices > Allow third party installation
  2. Open your apk file with ES explorer
  3. Let the application install
  4. Sign into your Google account to complete the installation

* You can easily import bookmarks from your desktop to Kindle's Chrome by signing into Chrome. See how

Things you can do with Google Chrome on Kindle Fire HD

Since it is still in its testing stage, there are limits to what you can do with Chrome such as using plug ins and some Google services however it can still do a lot like browsing the web, doing downloads, opening up tabs, search and browse youtube. I also think there is a way to set it as your default browser rather than Silk browser on Kindle but I wouldn't recommend that.

An easy way to install Google chrome on your Kindle Fire HD is to simply get the apk file for Chrome beta and then install it using the method I mentioned here. You can get the apk file here:


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