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How to download and install apk files on kindle fire hd

Updated on November 29, 2012

The default format for apps installable on the Kindle Fir HD come as .apk files and these are files suited for Android powered devices.

There are a tonne of apk files you can find on the Amazon and third party stores and the easy way to install them is to simply download and open the files.

Downloading and installing apk files from the Amazon store

The easiest way to do this is by making use of the default app store link from your Kindle home page.

  • Navigate to Apps from your home page
  • Select the Store link
  • Under Search Appstore, enter the apk files or apps you want e.g. Angry birds
  • Select one item
  • Choose to download
  • Accept the download
  • Accept the installation
  • You can start using the app after installation

Downloading and installing apk files from third party sites

Apart from the Amazon store, you can also download and install apps from third party sites like but to do this, you'd need to enable your Kindle settings to allow installations from third party sites.

How to enable installation of apk from third party sites:

  1. Simply Go to Settings > More > Device
  2. Allow installation of applications

Downloading from Third party sites

  1. Go to your desired website e.g.
  2. Search or browse for apps
  3. Select and download
  4. Install when prompted

Making use of installed Apps

Once you've already installed your apk files as apps, you can always make use of them by going to the Apps folder and selecting it.


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