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How to download apps from Kindle Store outside the USA

Updated on March 27, 2013

I'd like to share with you some tips on how I was finally able to use my Kindle fire hd to access the Amazon kindle store to get free stuffs like games, apps, magazines and movies.

I've bought my Kindle Fire some few months ago and used my country as the default location and my Visa card as the default billing card.

One good thing I like about the Kindle Fire Hd is that there are no ip restrictions meaning that even if you are currently located in another country, as long as you have a US billing address and using US country settings, you will be able to access the entire store. I'm using this from Nigeria and it works quite well.

Success: I can now access the Amazon appstore

After many weeks of using my Kindle without accessing the online store and library, I'm glad that I can now access it after changing some settings and receiving the notification:

"Your country settings has changed. You can now access the music store and your cloud music library."

What to do

  1. Just use a credit card that comes with US billing address. A VCC can also do the trick
  2. Change your country settings to USA

By default, your country settings and billing address are set as the address you used when buying your Kindle and if it's not for the USA, you may not be able to access the Amazon Kindle store quite well.

Resources I used

  1. A Virtual Credit card(with no credit)
  2. A US address
  3. An amazon gift card

Changing your billing details:

  1. Go to your Amazon billing account and add a Virtual Credit card, even if it expired
  2. Use a US billing account
  3. Use a US address also as your default shipping address

Changing your Kindle country settings:

  1. Go to
  2. Under your Kindle Settings, select country settings
  3. Under actions, change country to USA

After setting up these settings on my Kindle, I received a notification that I can now access the appstore from my location and this helped me better appreciate my Kindle Fire.

Next Steps

  • Restart your Kindle and connect to the web with Wifi
  • You will now be able to access the appstore and get all the goodies you want
  • You can get free apps, videos and downloads from the Amazon kindle store even with an expired credit card but you will need one with real funds in order to actually buy items not free.

Stuff I was able to download from the Kindle Fire amazon store:

  • Evernote: for taking notes and pictures too
  • Funtastic camera: just for taking pictures
  • Holy bible
  • Free magazines
  • Movie trailers: Downloaded Salt(by Angelina Jolie) and The Hobbit
  • Office calculator
  • Free e-books

Taking pictures with Kindle Fire HD

By default, the Kindle Fire HD doesn't come with it's own camera but there are quite a lot of camera apps from the store which you can choose from from just basic HD cameras to photo editors and probably video cameras. There are no flash light cameras as far as I know but the resolution is quite good for Kindle. The two I immediately installed which were free are Evernote and Funtastic camera


This is one app that really helped activate the front end camera available on my Kindle Fire. Initially I thought the only way to use your camera would have to be by Skype but lately I've found out that there are quite a lot of apps that allow you to take pictures and one of them is Evernote. It doesn't only take pictures, it also helps you to write notes and save them all.

Funtastic camera:

There are a lot of other free and paid camera apps but I just decided to go for this one which is free. It works pretty nice too and saves pictures immediately after taking it with the front camera of your Kindle.


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    • profile image

      Relieved 4 years ago

      Thank you so much! Your instructions helped me download apps on the Fire without any issues. Your page is much much appreciated. Cheers!

    • profile image

      Argel 4 years ago

      Thanks mate! i have my Kindle fire for almost a year without any access to amazon. following your instructions makes me feel wonderful about my kindle fire. it really works! Thank you so much!