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How to Handle and Store your CD’s or DVD's

Updated on November 4, 2015

If you are fond of music, videos etc. And you like to keep it forever in CDs or to keep the data’s of your office work in CDs.

But if you loss any data from the CDs that you used to store your favourite stuffs by scratches or by accidently broken. You know how much it will hurt. Here I am sharing a few tips to help to protect your favourite collections. This is based on tips from various sources provided by Milan

Steps involved in protecting your CDs:

  • Proper Handling and Storage always improve lifespan of CDs/DVDs.
  • Fixing Scratches(using toothpaste).
  • Cleaning(using cleaners).
  • Backup and Recovery of data.

First thing one should consider is proper handling….

Proper Handling and Storage:

The CD manufacturing companies itself say that if you handle and store your CD's and DVDs in proper way then it should have a lifespan of around 50-100 years. How to achieve at least 15-20 year lifespan for your favourite recorded CDs. Here are the steps which help to gain that…..

  • Never touch the shining part of your CDs with your hand, always use the middle hole to hold the CDS.
  • Never put your CDs in cover cases made with scratchy materials.
  • After the use store your CDs in CD holder and never expose the CDs directly into the sunlight, heat and moisture.
  • Throwing CDs carelessly will cause damage and never put heavy objects over the CDs.
  • Will not stretch the CDs, if you do will cause stress damage to the CDs.
  • Do not use thick markers to write on the CDs. Always try to use thin markers.

Fixing Scratches and Cleaning:

Fixing scratches is another important step, which helps to reduce damage to the lifespan of your CDs and data stored in it.

  • To clean the CDs, always place the CDs/DVDs on a flat surface.

  • Take a piece of clean cloth and remove the dust and finger prints from the surface of CDs. While doing it never bend the DVDs.

  • Always clean the CDs in up and down way (along the length). Never clean the shiny surface in circular way.

  • To avoid scratches you can use toothpaste and gently rub it on the CD and after sometime you can wash with clean water. Remove the water by using a clean cloth.

  • You can buy a CD cleaning kit to clean your CDs/DVDs.

  • Never use detergents, soaps, chemical solutions for cleaning your CDs.

  • Do not use clothes that cause scratches.

Backup and Recovery of your favourite stuffs from CDs:

It is better to keep a ripped content of your favourite stuff that is stored in CDs.

If you like to backup your Data from CD, then you can use ripping software’s that is available in various formats. You can use the help of online data ripping sites or use CD ripping software’s.

List of CD/DVD ripping Software’s:

1. Magic CD/DVD ripper: this software from helps you rip your CDs to hard drive or blank DVDs.

2. Pepsky CD/DVD ripper: helps you rip your CDs to hard drive or blank DVDs.

3. Imtoo CD/DVD ripper: from specially made for rippig CD/DVDs which contains Movies.

4. Accord CD/DVD ripper: helps to rip CDs simultaneously. Comes from

5. Kat CD ripper and WinX DVD ripper: another freeware comes from &

6. Power data recovery:recover your lost data from CDs

7. Recover disc: from helps to recover data from scratched/Damaged CDs.

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    • viewfinders profile image

      viewfinders 5 years ago from God's own country(kerala)

      thanks rajan,i think my tips will help to maintain your favourite CD/DVD's.

      keep commenting

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Useful tips to maintain CD/DVD's longer. Thanks for sharing.

    • viewfinders profile image

      viewfinders 5 years ago from God's own country(kerala)

      thanks for your comment .....

      you can use anything paper sleeves ,CD wallet etc, but ultimate aim is to protect the content in the CD.

      Thanks for your suggestions

    • Anti-Valentine profile image

      Anti-Valentine 5 years ago from My lair

      I always have fears of scratching my DVDs, and so on. I wonder now if putting my backup DVDs in those paper sleeves is the wrong thing to do. But they are a lot cheaper than cases. Maybe a CD wallet would be better.