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How to find a good backlinking or link selling company

Updated on May 17, 2012

You have already decided that you need to find a good backlinking or link selling company

This article is not about why you should or shouldn't backlink to your site, or why you should or shouldn't hire a backlinking or link selling company or freelancer; you've already decided that this is what you want and what your site needs, so now all that you want to be sure of is that your money won't be wasted when you find and hire a backlinking or link selling company or freelancer.

So, now to:

  • find a company or freelancer that offers a link building service, backlinking service or sells links, (or whatever you would like to call hiring a company or freelancer to get you links on other sites that when clicked lead to your own site) (or even if not clicked help increase your site's pagerank and authority)
  • find out if the company or freelancer is good

Finding a company or freelancer

When using a variety of search phrases on a search engine like Google, when looking for a link selling or backlinking company or freelander, and checking through the results, ignore the ppc ads that sometimes appear at the very top or on the right hand side of search results - unless those same sites also have good natural (organic) results.

How a link selling company or freelancer's own site's search results are positioned in the natural search results can tell you a lot about that company or freelancer: Who would want to hire a link selling or link building company or freelancer that has their own site's natural search result position as only appearing on page 20 or more?

If a link building or company is supposed to (and sometimes even promises to) get your site a higher page rank and better search result positions, they should certainly be able to do that for their own sites too.

Try a variety of different search phrases, and note down the companies or freelancers that appear on page 1 (first ten results) for more than just one search phrase. Then go and visit the sites that appeared the most times, second most times, etc.

Although looking at these good natural search result companies' sites is a good place to start, many good natural search results for the company or freelancer's site does not necessarily mean that the company or freelancer is using ethical methods to get those good results, or does the same hard work for their clients that they do for their own site. How can you be more sure that they are using ethical (white hat) methods or that their clients are happy?

Finding out if the company or freelancer is good

One of your main priorities should be to determine if reviews and client testimonials are honest.

Good and honest testimonials would prove that a link selling company indeed does what it says it does or promises it can do.

When viewing the sites of link selling companies, look for link selling companies:

  • that have been around for a while;
  • that give examples of the type of links they leave on sites;
  • that give links to or name the sites they leave links on;
  • that have good testimonials/reviews;
  • that have honest testimonials/reviews

Once you have cut your original list of link selling companies or freelancers down a bit, move on to checking if their "clients" wrote honest reviews.and true testimonials for them.

Check if the reviews and testimonials are honest, by:

Matching up clients' sites with sites that link to those clients' sites, and by matching up sites with good results of those sites - ie:

If an author of a testimonial or review links to or names his site, visit the site and check:

  • how many backlinks it has (use a free online backlink checking tool or site)
  • check its page rank (use a free online pagerank checker)
  • and alexa traffic rank (visit Alexa)
  • and if it has good natural search results for some of its main keywords - see which words are repeated the most on its site, especially the homepage, in alt tags on images, and in title tags on links and then use those phrases to do a search on a search engines like Google and see what sort of search result that site's page is getting

(if all good, then the link selling company did a good job)
(if all bad, then you may assume that perhaps the link selling company didn't do a good job or the author of the review or testimonial lied)

Things that may throw a spanner in the works:

It may be difficult to determine how much of a site's good search results were due to the efforts of the link building company that they hired if:

  • a site's poor natural search results are due to the owner only very recently hiring the link building company or freelancer, and the efforts made are not yet paying off
  • if a site is getting lots of traffic due to a good and expensive ppc campaign as well
  • if a site is getting lots of traffic due to having lots of Search Engine Optimized text and content on its pages as well
  • the site owner has good social site profiles and activity that send traffic to his site as well

But you can still check on which sites a site has links that lead to it (backlinks):

  • Do those sites have high page rank and content that is related to the client's site's content?
  • Are those sites good quality and white hat sites?
  • Are any of those sites sites that the link selling company (or even the client in a testimonial or review) perhaps names as some of the sites that links are left on?

By a process of research and elimination, you can narrow down a list of link selling companies or freelancers to approach.

Once you have approached your favorite selected ones, choose the one that is both most inexpensive and offers the best support.


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    • Grace Whites profile image

      Grace Whites 5 years ago from Manalapan, New Jersey, USA

      Thank you for your tips. I will try this things and I will observe if this is true. Thanks again.

    • gamesnepal profile image

      gamesnepal 5 years ago from Kathmandu, Nepal

      Great information for those willing to get some backlinks using methods other than natural link building.