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How to find a good web hosting solution ?

Updated on August 8, 2010

Choosing the best web hosting package.

A good web hosting package is important for any web based business.Here we will discuss some factors which helps you find a good web host..Whenever you are going to purchase a web hosting package please take into consideration these 3 things:

  1. Up time of server
  2. Support
  3. Value for Money Factor

1.Up time promised :

This is a measure of availability of service.Most web hosts have 99.99% up time .This means that 99% of the time your website hosted in the server is available and can be of the time the server is down due to some maintenace and so your website cant be accessed during that time.I have seen very few sites taht promise 100 % up time promise.

2.Support :

This is very important factor to be considered.Purchase web hosting from a company that offer good support to the clients.They should be able to quickly solve any issues related to your web hosting very quickly.

3.Value for Money Factor :

Many web hosting companies offer good amount of space and bandwidth for less than 10 dollars.Some companies are stingy.They don't offer much and charge you a premium.Avoid those.Some companies offer free advertising coupons worth over 100 $ when you purchase a hosting solution.Get hosting package from a company which you find as giving value for money package.

In case you have any queries or comments post them below.


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      multimastery 7 years ago

      Hi CreativeMind thanks for stopping by.. Good tips on choosing web hosting. That up time and support is very important. Without it, web hosting is a waste of money and a recipe for headaches! Here's some web hosting tips I offer as well: