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How to find an Email Address

Updated on March 15, 2012

How you can find an Email Address

How to find someone's email address in the Netherlands. It happens to the best of us: you want to contact someone but all of the sudden you realise you do not have his email address. How you can find it?

Privacy when it comes to finding / searching for email addresses

Indeed, you would say that it would be a piece of cake to retrieve someone's email address. But once you get started you start realising it is not necessarily that easy. This is because people like their privacy. And not just a little, they like it a lot. In most countries this need for privacy is protected by the governments. The Netherlands is no exception. Privacy is ranked as being one of the most important elements of people's lives. From companies that are handling sensitive contact information it is demanded that they do this with care.

How to find an email address using Social Media Websites

So, if you cannot get the address from your friends or family, what is left to do? Fortunately in this day and age people might like their privacy, but at the same time they also love showing of their fabulous lives. I guess you know where I am hinting at: Social Media websites. Of course, people can still decide not to leave their email addresses in their profiles, but you can always send them a message asking them to send you their email address. Examples of Social Media Websites: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr

How to find an email address with google

Another easy way to do it is by googling their names. Usually this should already do the trick, but if someone has a generic name, you might want to add a few variables. You can of course go for things like place of residence, but if someone is connected to a company or organisation, this might work a little better. Companies want their employees to have little profiles on their website. And if you cannot get their personal email you will at least have their business email.

Finding an email address with an email directory

There is also the options of email directories. There are a lot of them out there. And some of them do have a large number of people in their database. But this by no means comes close to having a real email address ''phonebook'. The problem is that people have to sign up for it themselves. And you know as well as i do, how many people would that? Not much. So you can always give it a try, but do not count on anything. They will probably just waste your time, or send you from page to page without actually getting any closer to finding the email address.

But usually you will not have to resort to the last alternative. With facebook and twitter slowly integrating into people's lives the task has become a whole lot easier.

In the Netherlands the problem is exactly the same. When you want to find an email address there you will run into privacy issues. They however, have also got a few Dutch social media websites you could use.


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