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How to find and remove duplicate files on Android

Updated on May 10, 2017

How storage space becomes a problem?

Storage used to be a problem for mobile users at one time. But as soon as advancement in technology took place, this problem also got sorted. Nowadays, smartphones come with a massive storage space. Also, the Micro SD cards fulfill additional needs of providing storage space. Micro SD cards come in the range from 2 GB TO 64 GB. Users can easily pick memory cards as per their requirement.

Android phone users keep various apps in their phones ranging from music downloading apps to travel apps, flight booking apps to shopping apps. The apps are downloaded blindly by users whether they use them or not. Even later on, they do not worry to uninstall those apps which they don’t use.

Storage problem also comes due to poor management of data and media files. Thousands of hundreds of photos, videos, documents, music files kept on lying on our phone of which we don’t keep track. Besides this, sharing of media files on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other messaging apps results in duplication of media which again clog the memory space in our Android devices.


How Duplicate media collects in Android phones?

Whenever, data is copied, backed up or restored from Android, same folder/ file is copied twice or more than twice. This creates duplication of files and those files occupy space on SD card or phone memory. At least 10% of physical memory on Android phones is occupied by the duplicate media.

Other possible reasons for the accumulation of duplicate stuff on Android phones:

• On receiving same media and sharing it back to another contact via any app, same copies are created.

• On download of same content from the internet twice or thrice.

• On backing up the data of the device.

• On creation of cached images or thumbnails by media apps.

• On receiving files from Bluetooth more than once (due to transmission errors).

What problems can come due to duplicates?

Duplicate stuff first and foremost occupies space. The precious space in our phone is taken up by these duplicates without our knowledge. Think if you would have more space on your phone, you could have made room for something important to keep in your device. You could have easily clicked more pictures, watched videos; rather than facing low memory warnings.

Another problem that could arise due to duplicate media is indirectly related to the storage problem. When your device will be full, your phone will start running slow. The performance of the phone will slow down to such an extent that opening an app or going back to home would take a minute.

Advantage of removing duplicates from phone

Deleting duplicate stuff from phones will give space to store more useful data. The benefits of deleting duplicates are listed below:

• Identify and recover wasted memory space

• Reduce the time and media used for creating backups

• Reduced file searching time

• No repetitive stuff

• Organized media library

How can duplicate media be removed from the phone?

Duplicate stuff can be removed from Android phone by following the steps mentioned below:

• Connect your phone from the laptop or computer through USB cable.

• Make separate folders of pictures, videos, audio files, and documents.

• Categorize those folders into subfolders as much as possible. For instance, in pictures folders, make sub-folders with names of birthday album, wedding album and place the respective photos in those subfolders. Similarly, in the case of music folders, make subfolders as per your choice, say oldies, new ones, and favorites.

• After creating sub-folders, search for the duplicates by comparing date, content, and file format. This will help you in finding duplicate files on your phone.

This will take time but will yield a result for you. However, it is a tedious job to look for duplicates manually. We, humans, cannot give accurate results like machines or applications designed specifically for the same purpose.

It is recommended to use Duplicate Files Fixer by Systweak to remove duplicates automatically from your phone. It will help you in recovering loads of blocked space. Get rid of the problems caused due to the accumulation of duplicates.

This simple and powerful app works efficiently to accomplish its purpose! Save time, save efforts!


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    • Tina Rodrigo profile image

      Tina Rodrigo 

      2 years ago

      Thank you very much,

      When I face this problem, I connected my android mobile to computer as mass storage device. My computer had Duplicate Files Deleter software. I ran the software, mission was successful. Everybody should try the software it works well both computer and mass storage device.

      Thank hubpages followers for your valuable times.


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