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How to fix a Broken Laptop Cord

Updated on November 30, 2010

A frayed or broken laptop cord can easily be prepared with a little time and energy. This simple article will provide a step by step guide for repairing your laptop cord. 

After completing step 8, your cord should look something like this.
After completing step 8, your cord should look something like this. | Source

Step 1: Remove power from the cord. Make sure it is unplugged and that the power indicator light on the converter box has stopped glowing.

Step 2: Clip the cord on either side of the damaged area. If you look closely, you should notice that from the inside the cord a appears to be like a donut. With a layer of small wires surrounding an insulator and another cluster of small wires. It is very important that you keep these two layers of wire separate from one another. If you do not, you will create a short which can cause allot of damage to your computer and maybe even cause a fire.

Step 3. Using a small knife, peel back one to two layers of insulation from the outer layer. Take the revealed layer of wires and twist them together. This should leave a second interior wire (the donut hole of our previous donut illustration). Repeat this step on the the other side of the cut in half wire. 

Step 4: Peel back the layer of interior insulation on either side of the cut cord. Twist these wires together. Be sure to keep the interior and exterior wires separate! Do not get them confused. 

Step 5: Twist the interior wires of the two sides together. Make sure that you are combining the interior wires and not an interior with an exterior.

Step 6: Wrap the interior wires in electrical tape. Be sure that the wire is completely covered.

Step 7: Twist together the two exterior wires. 

Step 8: Cover the exterior wires in a layer of electrical tape. Be sure that the wire is no longer visible.

Step 9: Test the connection, plug the wire into the wall and then into your computer. Make sure it has power.

Step 10: Cover both wires in electrical tape. Duct tape is good too. It will probably do a better job holding up in the long run.

Step 11: Treat your cord carefully, do not stretch it or tug on it. This could cause your repairs to break. Enjoy your like new laptop cord! 


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