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How to fix a Toshiba laptop LCD Screen

Updated on May 22, 2012
Don't throw away your broken Toshiba laptop because of a bad LCD; Fix it
Don't throw away your broken Toshiba laptop because of a bad LCD; Fix it

Diagnose your LCD Issue

As a Toshiba laptop owner, you are probably pretty happy with your system, particularly given the Toshiba’s propensity to provide a relatively high price to performance ratio. However, you may occasionally run into issues with your Toshiba LCD screen. Whether your problem is the result of a break or your screen simply went out on its own, you have options beyond simply purchasing a new laptop. Why not replace your LCD screen instead? These simple instructions will walk you through the repair, so that your Toshiba Laptop will be back up and running with a nice new LCD in no time.

First, you need to diagnose your problem. Obviously if the LCD screen is cracked, you know that you are a candidate for a full replacement. However, if your screen is simply blacked out, you need to determine if the LCD screen is bad or if you simply need to replace the back light. To make this determination, you need only look very closely into the screen with your Toshiba powered up. If you see a hint of an image on the screen, you only need to replace your LCD back light (inverter board). If however, the screen is fully black, a complete LCD replacement is in order.

Whether you need a Toshiba Laptop LCD or a just the inverter board, you can always find your parts on EBay or Amazon. Both of these outlets are likely to carry the part you need. As always, make sure you are buying from a reputable dealer. Once your part comes in, you are ready to fix your screen.

Locate the Bezel Screws and remove
Locate the Bezel Screws and remove

Remove the LCD Bezel

First, look on the front of the LCD bezel for either rubber screen cushions, or black circular stickers. On a Toshiba laptop, these are generally located on the bottom of the screen bezel. Once located, take a very small screw driver and pry them off of the bezel. They will be glued, but they are easy to remove. Once removed, you will see the screws that are holding the bezel together. From there, remove each of the screws and store them in a safe place.

With all of the screws removed, begin to pry the bezel loose. Always start at the bottom near one of the screen bezel screws and slowly work your way across the bottom. From there, gently, but firmly begin to separate the bezel moving up the sides and across the top. You will now see the exposed LCD screen.

Remove your Toshiba Laptop LCD screen

The screen is anchored in place by screws that run the circumference of the screen. Remove each of these screws and secure them in a safe place. Once removed, the Toshiba LCD screen can be easily separated. Simply lean the screen down making sure that you do not put pressure on the connections. From there, remove the tape that secures the display cable to the back of the LCD screen.

A Toshiba LCD Inveter board
A Toshiba LCD Inveter board

Remove the LCD Inverter and Reassemble

Now you will want to remove the inverter board. It is generally attached with two small screws. Remove those the inverter board screws and detach the wiring assembly that connects the Inverter board to the Laptop. You have now successfully removed the Toshiba laptop LCD assembly.

With your new parts in hand, you simply reverse the process reassembling the parts in reverse order. Before you attached the final screws from the LCD, make a quick check to be sure you repair worked as planned. Just boot up the machine and make sure your LCD is working as expected. Once you complete the test, finish you reassembly and you are ready to go.


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