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How to get Twitter followers free

Updated on September 27, 2011
Get Twitter followers free
Get Twitter followers free

free ways to increase twitter followers

Twitter is one of the fastest growing services in the world and if you are not in it your are missing out on a lot of opportunities.At the start Twitter was mainly used by bloggers and college students, but after seeing the huge potential of Twitter businesses, global brands and professionals have started using Twitter and started leveraging the power of Twitter.To leverage the power of Twitter you need twitter followers and more you have the better.Unless you are popular like a celebrity,politician or someone similar you will have a hard time getting people to follow you.There are automatic ways to increase followers,but they involve buying some software. These software can increase your follower number rapidly but the cost is a bit high for some people. So in this article I will look at some free ways to increase Twitter followers including using twitter directories, viral scripts and using websites that list mass followers.

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List of free ways to get Twitter followers

Below are some free ways to get Twitter followers. Most techniques require you to follow them back, but in some cases you can increase followers without following them back.An important thing to remember is that you should provide value from your Twitter account, it doesn't matter if you have thousands of followers, but if you are only posting affiliate links then you will find that people will block you or filter you very fast.

  • Joining websites that have list of people that will follow you back - There are websites that have lists of people who will follow you back when you follow them. Join a website like that and you will see your number growing considerably.
  • Viral Twitter scripts - What these scripts do is redirect the users to a download page after tweeting a specific message.There is also a check box asking to follow you under the message.To download whatever you are giving the user has to tweet your message. And if he or she didn't remove the tick in the check box they will start following you as well. For this method to be a success you need to give away a cool product.
  • Twitter directories - Another great way to increase your followers automatically.The great thing about the directories is once you join them it will pay you back time and time again. This will also help you in getting targeted twitter followers since they are searching for you with specific interest in mind.Make sure to add appropriate tags so it will be easier for users to find you.Few good ones to join are Twiends, Twellow and wefollow.

I hope you fine these tips useful and help you to grow your Twitter followers.If you liked this article please share it with your friends or mark it as useful.


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