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How to get free Skype Credits - No Surveys !

Updated on June 11, 2014

Free Skype Credits


How to Get Free Skype Credits

OK so recently i was looking on Google for a way to get some free Skype credits and i must say that i found a lot of "garbage" websites And sketchy offers.

I am hoping you will find my page as i have found a completely legit way to get free skype credits every 10-14 days. You will be able to redeem a 10USD Skype Voucher without too much work and absolutely no surveys.

If you're like me Surveys are the last thing you want to waste your time on. All you need for my method is an ipod, iphone, ipad or any android device.

Its called "FreeMyApps". Click the link below to get started now:


I guarantee you that you will not be spending more than 2-3 minutes a day on this.

The way it works is you download apps and try them for 30 seconds and you get credited points. All the apps you download are 100% free and you can delete them as soon as you get the points.

You will need 3000 points to redeem the 10.00$ USD Skype credits. You will get a voucher code that you add to your Skype account.

Redeeming your Code in Skype


On some days you won't get much to download and some other days you can get as much as 500-800 points but on average within 14 days you'll be able to redeem.

I personally have a 2.99$ a month Skype Subscription that gives me unlimited canada & USA calling so with 10Usd Skype credits it enough for 3 months and some more.

So basically if you keep using this method you'll never need to pay for skype credits anymore!



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