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How to get more followers on Pinterest

Updated on December 29, 2013

Are you trying to figure out how to get more followers on Pinterest? Have you ever wanted to get more followers just to advertise a product of yours, talk to people, or spread the word about a certain charity? Well, then it’s time to get started because here are some of the tips to get more followers on Pinterest. It’s obvious that every Pinterest user wants to drive traffic and increase their Pinterest engagement. If you follow these simple steps, you are bound to get many followers. More Pinterest followers means more repins, comments, likes, impressions and clicks which will ultimately drive traffic to generate leads, increase sales and definitely build your Pinterest brand. The tips to get more Pinterest followers and promote your business are as follows:

The Follow Button

You must add the Pinterest Follow Button: The Pinterest buttons can make your website visitors into your followers. This Pinterest Follow button will redirect you website visitors to your Pinterest page thus attracting more followers. These things actually show results if you have a high traffic web site. You must also place the Pinterest Follow button at prominent places on your website. People should be able to notice the buttons easily.

How to get more Pinterest followers with the Pinterest Profile Widget

You must add the Profile widget: Akin the Pinterest Follow button, the profile widget also redirects your website visitors to your Pinterest page. Some users find that the Profile Widget is much more effective than the Pinterest Follow button, as the Profile Widget shows 30 of your latest pins and is much bigger in size than the Pinterest Follow button.

The Pinterest Poll

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Sharing on Pinterest

Share often: For obvious reasons, more sharing will lead people see your pins much often. These will lead people back to your Pinterest page with your latest pins shown below. Another tricky method to fetch more followers by attracting people’s interest is by sharing a lot of images as images attract more people fast.

Popular Pins

You must comment on the most admired or trendy pins: The Popular category on Pinterest shows the pins that have been liked repined or commented several times. You can actually take the advantage of this by commenting on these pins and diverting people’s attention to your own Pinterest page. But you should comment relevantly and meaningfully to let people know that you care about the subject. The key to get more followers on Pinterest is repinning pins that are popular since you know they have a better "response".

Mention other people:

Obviously mentioning someone will draw their attention. So you must consider complimenting them to make them follow you.

Connect via social networks

You can connect all your social networking accounts: There are several advantages of connecting your all social networking accounts to your Pinterest page such as you can find your friends and connect with them. Having your friends follow you is the simplest way to gain followers on Pinterest.

Group boards

Contribute on Other’s Boards: This is the easiest way to fetch more followers on Pinterest. You must contribute to the boards with lots of followers. If your contributions on these boards are liked by the followers of these boards they start following you too. Look for group boards via the search box as this is the best way to get noticed.

Promote your own board

Besides contributing on other’s boards, you must also try to promote your own board also. A lot of people prefer following only the board than following the whole profile. You can work on to get more followers on your most popular boards than on your profile.

Follow those who follow you

You must follow others and keep your followers happy: You should look out for people with same interests and follow them. With this in mind, they will follow you back. You can continue to follow back the person who follows you and stop following the person who doesn’t.


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    • Sandra Harriette profile image


      4 years ago from Maryland

      It's funny you mention following others. I do that, but I also try to interact a lot more than I follow because I have to pause my following habit. My follower:following ratio was off for a while and I was getting like no traction from social media. I made some tweaks and it has grown by almost 30 more followers, but--and it's almost unfortunate it works like this--I had to unfollow some people temporarily. Of course, I still would love to connect with them, which is why I'm going to save some favorite pins of theirs to a private board to kind of act like a list on Twitter. That idea just came to me now :)

      You provided some good tips in here. Thanks for writing this, love.

    • The Examiner-1 profile image

      The Examiner-1 

      5 years ago

      I have joined Pinterest and I found your Hub to be interesting. I was wondering, though, how old or new that video is. I have to go check out Pinterest again to see if what it said is really going on because I do not remember all of that from the other day when I was there last.


    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 

      5 years ago from Texas

      Very interesting and informative hub webdesignsbyapw, I use Pinterest quite often. I found a website that helps with followers, likes, repins, etc... it out, it works


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