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How to get more then 500 twitter followers in one week(get more followers)

Updated on April 17, 2012

Have you ever wondered how you can substantialy increase your twitter followers in a substantially short amount of time? do you wonder how people get so many to follow them when they are only following a select few? well in this article i will go ahead and explain how I got more than 500 followers on twitter within a weeks time, and how you can replicate my results with your own twitter account. This is really simple and only takes a moment of your time. So you have nothing to lose. enjoy :)

Alright here we go , there's basically two parts to this process and its really quick and easy. I found a couple videos that do a good job in showing you how its done. (You can find them below)

  1. go to
  2. go to

go on twiends sign in with twitter, now the fastest way to do this, is go to the new interesting tweeps and just click as fast as you possibly can until it says reload after that you shoud refresh the page and just keep following a mass amount of people, a lot of them will have auto follow so you will get many follows just by following. Once you follow a whole lot of people go on manage flitter and unfollow everyone who isn't following you or anyone you would like to.

keep this up everyday until you hit your limit ,and you will see your followers keep going up.

Some may say that this isn't a way to get genuine twitter followers I agree to a certain extent. But there's always the option of only adding people with your same interest. You can find the option on twiends. Pick up to 5 interests (when you want to access the list of the people with the same interest) just click the "same interest" link next to the "new interesting" and only add those people the problem with that is most of the time they wont have any seeds so you could say its quality of quantity.

The secret is to go on the "new interesting tweeps" and just click the first person and keep clicking the same spot until it says "reload" and at that point you just reload the page and do it all over again! some may call it cheating but disagree.

I usually unfollow the people who aren't following back first. Then I move on to the last people I followed so that I can accomplish two things, one is to avoid getting banned by twitter and the second is to keep the number of people I follow lower and the amount following higher. This creates and illusion of prestige and sometimes people will follow just because they a lot of people already follow you.

credit for the twiends video goes to thank you for the input

the mange flitter video is all thanks to

thank you


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