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How to get viewers on Twitch - Streaming

Updated on October 3, 2017

Introduction - Ways to get viewers

When starting a new streaming channel, it is hard to get viewers, especially if you are that gamer that loves those games that have big streamers. Some games are popular now, but can that can change fast. You need to choose the game you like to play without thinking of other streamers.

There are a couple of methods and places where you can share your channel.

Facebook Communities

The popular way to promote your twitch channel is sharing on Facebook pages related to streaming or the game you play at the time.


Twitter is the best social media for gamers also, you can meet new streamers and help each other out. Find certain twitch communities will help grow your channel.


Some gaming forums let you promote your twitch/youtube channel. These forums are used for self promotion. It is a good way to put yourself out there and share what you have to offer. Remember to share in the correct threads.


What better way to get viewers than to go to other channels on Twitch and support some small streamers. Most small streamers like to support each other and this will get you known as a helper.


Using Twitter to Promote your channel

Twitter is one of the main sources for self promotion when it comes to streaming. Thousands of gamers on Twitter share their channel and support other people. So should you.

When you create your Twitter account make sure it is for your streaming channel. Which means you need to have a good profile picture (most people prefer photos with headphones or an avatar they have matching their channel and username. The banner should have something to do with your Twitch channel.

Another aspect to take care of is your description. The first frase is the most important of them all. It is the first thing someone will see next to your picture. So starting with “Twitch Streamer/Gamer” is a good start. Add your twitch channel link and some other information your think is important.


Search hashtags like with words like “stream”, “twitch” or anything to do with gaming and get yourself following some gamers. In this process you will find Twitch communities. Many of them will ask to join discord and this is a must. You will you meet new people, and you can find others to play games with and support.

Using Crowdfire

This platform is a marketing application that will help you grow your twitter/instagram/facebook and some other social sites you have. They have an app thatis downloaded on playstore and available on browsers. The app is easy to use and helps you post at the right time, share posts related to your interests, follow those who follow you and unfolloe those that don’t. You can grow your social media platforms quickly if used properly.


Promoting on forums

Promoting your channel on forums can be a bit tricky. Some forums do not allow that self promotion but if researched correctly, you can find the perfect forums to self promote. A good place to start is Reddit. This has many sections about Twitch and may have some promoting areas, or at least you can meet some new people and check them out.

Never forget that if you support, then you have a chance of getting supported also.


Promoting on Facebook

Facebook must be the easiest way to promote your channel. All you need is to find the best groups/pages. The kinds of groups you need to look for are: Twitch related groups that help self promotion and groups related to the games you play.

When you share you channel you need a good description, add your Twitch link and share in the correct areas (if you are playing CSGO, share in pages related to CSGO).

Some Twitch groups used to let streamers get to know each other. This is another great opportunity to meet new people and show some support.

Don’t forget that the best way to get people to your channel when starting to stream is networking. This is the most important step when you start. Besides networing, you need to stream alot. Keep a schedule for those viewers that pass by. Stream for two to three hours a day (minimum) to expose your channel. Give viewers a reason to com back.

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