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How to get your app rolling – Episode 1

Updated on November 24, 2015

Ever since the starting of the 8th decade, the Digital Age has evolved at such a pace that it has left scholars struggling to keep their notebooks updated. From Flash Memory in 1980, CD-ROM in 1982 to MOSAIC in 1993 and DVD in 1985, every product has dominated the market, pushing entrepreneurs to adopt a new strategy to market their products. Many of those who were able to ride on these technological advances made a fortune for themselves. E.g.: MOSAIC triggered the website movement, whereas CD-ROM gave a never seen before boost to the gaming industry, creating some of the giants that to-date remain undefeated.

“So what is in it for me,” you might be asking. As you know, this is the Age of Apps. If you are an entrepreneur, and have a business concept in mind, there isn’t a more cost-effective and impactful way to get it to your consumers than creating an app for it.

We know that you have heard it all, and most of you might also have an app for the same. But for those who don’t, we suggest that you build one now. And don’t even worry about things like investment, resources, time etc., just try one of the many online app building platforms, and be ready with it.

For now, we will divert our attention on how to get your app rolling once you have created it. Let’s look at some elements that simply should not be avoided.

1. App Name and Title


No doubt that it is fun to brainstorm a name for your app. And why not, after all, this will become your business mnemonic. But there are a few things to keep in mind while writing the description.

• App name supports 255 characters, do not exceed it

• Do not keep a descriptive name, it never works

• Since you will support your app with a website and other digital properties, make sure that your name is unique and not taken

• Avoid using trademark in the name, it works against the SEO and ASO

• Incorporate relevant and strong keywords to your app description, it will help your app to rank better

2. App Icon


With well over a million apps live, it becomes imperative for your app to have a catchy app icon. A good app icon can be the difference between almost no downloads, and hundreds of them. What makes a great app icon?

• It should be memorable

• It should be beautifully designed

• It should convey the purpose of the app at the first glance

3. App Screenshots and Videos


Good app screenshots are not possible without a good UI. So this is something you might want to look into from the very beginning. As for the videos, it has been proven that apps with introductory videos fetch more views than without. And more views means more downloads; doesn’t it? Here are couple of things to keep in mind:

• Use a screenshot for every important feature of your app

• Put your best foot screenshot forward

• Add explanations to your screenshots

• Test and improve: If some screenshots don’t work, replace them

4. App Category


Put your app in the right category. If your app somehow covers two, even better, list it under both of them. But be very cautious to choose the right category, because it will depict the credibility of your app. If any of the mobile stores find out that your app is listed incorrectly, it will start ranking it down.

We hope this works. And hey, like the title suggested, this is just the preparatory stage. Do not forget to check out the second blog to know how to get your app to the masses.



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