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How To Get New Blog/Website in Search Engine Result Page Fast

Updated on February 5, 2014

What is Search engine Optimization?

There are number of ways to define, What is Search engine Optimization.As per Wikipedia definition, It is process of Improving Search Engine Visibility by paid or up-paid means.Generally There are lots of Search Engine Optimization Consultant that are guiding you how to get better Search Engine Visibility for your Blog and Website, They will charges lots of Money from you to give Just an hour or two hour advices.

If your website or blog is newly launched and You are in tension about that, What is your Search Engine Ranking and How much time it will take to appear your website/Blog in Search Engine specially when your site or blog is just made and You have to do lots of thing to maintain it.

You can use both way to indexing your website in Search Engine, either by paying SEO Consultant or by trying some free tips mentioned hereunder.

Search Engine Result Page(SERP) preview

Search Engine Result Page(SERP) preview
Search Engine Result Page(SERP) preview

How to find out if Your website/blog has been Indexed or not?

It is the best way to find out if your website or blog has been indexed by Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, by typing your website URL or Blog URL in Search Box,If you try this trick, you will came to know at-least your website /blog has been indexed and come in your Search Result page, but what to do if your website URL even not appear in Search Result page?

Cause of Not Indexing URL of any website in Search Engine?

1.Your blog/website has just lunched or new so it takes time to appear in Search Engine Result page.

2.Your website has been reported as Spam, due to copying articles or keyword spamming,So Search Engine will isolate your website and do not indexing it in appearing Search Engine Result page.

3.Due to poor maintenance of Your Robots.txt file of your website.Generally if you have wordpress website than you can control Robots.txt file from file manager but with blogger you can not maintain Blogspot website Robots.txt file.

Search engine Optimization(SEO)

Search engine Optimization(SEO)
Search engine Optimization(SEO)

How to get indexed in Search Engine Result page within 9 hours?

Well, now come to the original story,How to get indexed in Search Engine Result page within 9 hours?
Now I am giving my blog example that How I got Indexed in Google Search Result page within 9 hours.

I had applied this tricks to my newly launched blog which is related to Recruitment Result,University result, board result 2011 in India,Just Launched yesterday night at around 11:00 am at Indian times 05:30 GMT.I searched in Google by typing URL of my blog but not appearing as it was Just launched.After Applying blog template, writing some Recruitment Job articles on my blog I though what could happen If I getting indexed as early as possible.

First of all I applied 1 tricks that is given by one technology blog related to ehow,The main tricks is to submit your article to Search Engine Directory,but It is time consuming to Submitting URL to Search Engine,but the blog trick I found So much helpful with indexing my newly launched blog.
You too can Submit your newly launched website/blog to Search Engine Directory, it is free to submit,Try Submitexpress.

I have bookmarked my blog and even some post to some social bookmarking website like reddit, stumbleupone,digg, delicious,Shetoldme etc,However , if you have google adsense account , than you can Earn Google adsense revenue by bookmarking your post.

I had added meta Tag in to my blogger template, Meta tag adding to a head tag has definetly imporved my Search Engine Visibility.

You can try few besic SEO tips like image search optimization, content search optimization ,off page SEO techniques etc to get your blog ranked in search engine fast.

All the best for getting fastly indexed in Search Engine.

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    • bkgroup profile image

      Bhavesh Sondagar 6 years ago from India

      Thanks tony for correcting me, and I forgot to write the most important thing I forgot about meta tag, you have remembered me.

      Thanks a lot for making my article correct.

    • tonybaldwin profile image

      tonybaldwin 6 years ago from 06513

      I think you meant "launched" (not "lunched").

      I'm surprised you make absolutely no mention whatever of metatags. Aren't they rather essential in getting indexed? The relevance of your proposed keywords in your metatages to the actual page content, in my experience, is crucial.