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Hidden Folders! How to securely hide or secure a folder in simple steps?

Updated on May 5, 2012

A friend asked me how to hide a folder in Window XP? It is simple, use hide option of the folder properties. But he was still confused. The hid folder still shows up.

My friend’s question to hide a folder led to wonder. What are the different ways to hide and secure a folder or files in Window XP? I explore all the possibilities and come up with the following different way to hide a folder or file.

Method 1: Just Hide it...

Sometimes you need to hide a folder or some files. This is handy if you are using share computer at home. You just want to keep away other members to bump into your folder or file.

  • Right click the folder (or the file) you want hide (1)
  • Select properties (2)
  • In resultant dialogue box, tick the check box on HIDE (3) and click APPLY (4)
  • Now your folder is hidden. To see your hidden folder:
  • Go to Tools menu, select Folder Options… (5)
  • Click on the VIEW TAB and select “show hidden files and folders” radio button (6) and press apply
  • Your Hidden folder will show (7)

But most computer users know how to Hide / Unhide a folder in this method. If anyone really wants to dig into your folders, he or she can really unhide your folder to explore the files.

Click each image for larger image for tips

Method 2: Little complex

This method is better than the Method 1 described above. It is a bit tricky, but very useful indeed. I use this method at work, as I have given access to my juniors to work in my system sometimes. Here is how to go about it.

Here you got to rename the folder name as space using Alt+0160 key.

  • Right click the folder to hide, and click on rename
  • The hold Alt key and type 0160 from NumPad
  • This will create space the folder will look as in the below image (1).

If you click on the small folder icon, you can open and browse the files inside this name-less folder.

You can also hide the small yellow folder.

  • Right click on the name-less folder, select properties, and select Customize tab (2)
  • Click on “Change Icon…” button (3) and
  • Scroll a bit right by clicking at the scrolling bar (4)
  • Select a transparent icon (5).


  • Click OK and return to your drive see the small yellow folder icon disappearing.  Actually a transparent icon is there making it invisible. (6)

Others using your computer might see the folder at the first instance.  This way, you can keep a few folks at home away from browsing your hidden or invisible folder.

But still, this is not surefire way to securing your folders or files.  A persisting computer user can still browse the folder, as in detail-view of the folders, the date shows.

Method 3: Hide and Secure

You can secure your folders or files using a small utility and a password.

Download and run the program called “Free Hide Folder” from CleanerSoft.

  • When prompted for registration, click SKIP (it is free for personal use)
  • Then enter new password, and confirm the same.

Click Add (1), and select the drive, folder (2) that you want to hide

Click OK (3)

You will see that your specified folder is hidden (4).  You can hide or unhide (5) the folders that you want.

This way, your folders are completely hidden and secure.  Without the password, no one can unhide and open the folder.  Just run the program, and select the folder (6), and click UNHIDE (7) to unhide the folder.


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