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How to improve windows 7 speed

Updated on January 11, 2015

Improving overall system performance of windows 7

There are lot's of features of windows 7 operating system which I like, one of them is it's ability to improve system processing memory ( which increases the speed of the system ) by just using a USB Drive. You would be wondering that how is it possible that a USB drive improves system performance? Actually windows 7 can use a USB drive working as additional virtual cache memory, which then increses the speed of the system.

How you can improve speed of system by USB Drive ?

Here is step by step guide to increase the speed of system

1. First you must have USB Drive 2.0.

2. Plug it in to your system.

3. Then in few seconds you will see autoplay option.

4. There will be different options.

5. you need to choose "Speed up my system using Windows Ready Boost"

6. Then select the amount you need for virtual cache.

7. When you do this, Windows 7 will create paging file which allows improved access.

If USB does not auto run ?

Here are steps if usb is not on auto run.

1. connect your USB.

2. Go to My Computer.

3. Find your USB.

4. Right click on it.

5. Go to properties.

6. Click on "Ready Boost".

7. Select use this device.

The rest of steps are same as above.

Note: This method only works with devices USB 2.0 and SD cards.


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