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How to improve your SEO and Page Rank for Wordpress in 1 EASY step

Updated on August 13, 2010

This is a simple step to raise your PageRank in Google which which helps with your overall SEO. To understand how this simple tip works, you have to know just a little bit about how Google Page Rank works.

 Google page rank (or PR) is Google's rank of your page and has to do with the quality and quantity of backlinks that your site has. While every incoming link you have will make a small contribution to your PageRank, every outgoing link you have will also take away from your PageRank. Something you may have overlooked easily on your blog are the links in the theme which go back to the creator of the theme. Alot of the time it is not against the terms of the theme to remove the link. If you don't remove the link, then EVERY page on your blog will have a link going back to the author of the template, and you will be losing PageRank for each one.

 How to solve this problem and make maximum page rank:

1. Check your theme's support site to see if it is within the terms and conditions to remove the link

2. If it is, open your WordPress admin dashboard and click "Appearance" then "Edit"

3. Open the "Footer.php" file. If the code is NOT encripted, do a search (ctrl+f) for the link text "Theme powered by ______", once you find it, remove this whole code or replace it with a link to your home page.

4. If the text in encrypted, and you ARE allowed to change it in your terms and conditions, simply open the page in you webrowser, view the source for the footer.php section, copy the code, paste it into notepad, remove or edit the link, then delete the encripted text in footer.php and paste your new text in there.

And that's it, your blog now has 1 less outgoing link on ALL pages which could significantly affect your PageRank and thus your whole SEO efforts.


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    • MomsTreasureChest profile image

      MomsTreasureChest 4 years ago

      Great tip, I'll give it a try!

    • aususaeast profile image

      aususaeast 7 years ago from Aus

      Thanks I will keep that in mind! 500 words+

    • profile image

      Website Examiner 7 years ago

      This hub is interesting, but a bit short for HubPages. In the future, I suggest you aim for 500 words or more.

      Again, the information and advice is very specific and practically useful.