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How to increase organic traffic in blogger blog

Updated on August 19, 2016

Traffic coming directly from search engine is organic traffic. For example when you make a query over the internet using keywords you get a couple of clickable links. Then you decide which link to click and go to a particular website. So that website getting organic traffic. Getting organic traffic takes time and developer needs skills in that particular field. Your website must be search engine friendly to get organic traffic.

How to increase organic traffic in blogger blog.

Optimising SEO techniques varies related to cms. So today I am going to discuss how to optimise seo in blogger. If you are a blogger user this step by step guide will help you. It has covered all the grounds influencing organic traffic.

Blog title and blog description.

Blog title plays an important role in terms of seo. It's always better to create a short descriptive blog title. Blog description also helps in this regard. In blogger you will find blog description field in settings. Provide a summary of your blog content. In other words write information what your blog about.

Steps to write blog description-

Sign in into blogger > settings> basic> blog description.

If you are using a blogspot subdomain you can add a custom domain to it. It may help you getting indexed by search engines.

Post title.

Post title has significant impact on search traffic. Give an attractive and descriptive post title. Keywords rich post title gains more traffic. Use keywords related to your post content. Take care if your post title exceeding 65 characters. Popular search engine like Google index only first 65 characters of search ter. Title having more than 65 characters will be ignored by the search engine.

There is a disadvantage in blogger. Blogger by default shows post title after blog title. For this reason you are losing tons of traffic daily. But don't worry it's possible to change this setting s. You have to simply change a code in the html editor of your blog template.

Here is the steps in blogger.

Sign in into blogger > click the blog you want to make change > click Template > click Edit html. A screen like this image will appear.

Search for the code


Replace this code with the below code.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pagetype =="item"'>

<title><data:blog.pageName/> |





Click Save Template.

You have done it. It may take 2/3 days to affect the changes.

Custom permalink.

This is one feature which actually creates lots of difference for the seo of your blog. Earlier we could not control the permalink behavior of blogspot blog. But now blogspot team added custom permalink option. Before moving ahead and discuss how to use it for better seo of blogger blog, let's know more about permalink.

Here is an example of normal permalink and custom permalink.



In the second example, I just want to focus on keyword 'Blogspot Custom Permalink' and thats why I removed all other keywords. It's simple but very effective. It's better to use simple instead of dynamic permalink. We can use custom Permalink on single post level and not on site wide. Also you can't strip the month and year from the custom permalink.

How to use custom Permalink

Remove all stop words and use keywords in your custom permalink. You can use short-tail or long-tail keywords, depending upon which keyword you are targetting. When you write a blog post in blogger click on permalink option in the right side.

A screen like below will appear.

Click on Custom URL and add your permalink there. It may sounds very hard to you when adding your own permalink, so I will explain it in simple English below.

When you are writing a new blog post and let's say, your title is

'How to increase traffic in blogger blog'

by default blogger will make a permalink like

Instead of using such long permalink, simply add - How-increase-traffic-blogger in custom URL.

Image optimization

Image optimization is one of the basic steps in terms of seo. Only niche content is not sufficient as earlier. In todays search engine many other factors affecting seo. Image optimization is one of them. Image seo optimisation is one of the building blocks of on page optimisation. If images are used properly, this can be a good source of from search engines. Moreover images are a strong visual component of a webpage. But if not used in proper way it can destroy your whole impression. Image is better than a thousand words. So use it properly.

Image optimisation in blogger

Alt tag is the text displayed if the image can't be shown or is taking too long. This is probably the most important image optimisation factor. Alt tag tells the search engines that there is an image placed here also informs it about the topic of your image.

In blogger - click the image > click property > alt tag.

Fill your all tags with search engine friendly information. A good practice for the Alt tag is to keep your alt tags short but descriptive.

File name of an image is as important as keywords in url. If you create your own image and use it in webpage, don't use the default file name created by system. Before uploading Rename it with related words about the topic. Use dash (-) between the words.

Image size is another factor affecting image optimisation. If your image is heavy in bytes it will take long to load the page. Page load time is a part of search engine algorithms today. If your post page took too long visitors will escape from your site. Use image containing small bytes as possible.


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