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How to increase the speed of start menu in XP

Updated on September 10, 2013

By doing some simple steps, you can speed up the start menu in XP. After completing these steps your start menu will expand quickly when your mouse pointer reach on it. Let's do it. It is advised to take a registry back up before proceeding with any change in registry.

1. Click on 'Start' and then select 'Run'

2. The 'Run' window will appear. Type 'regedit' in the box and press the 'OK' button.

3. The Registry Editor window will appear

4. Expand the 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER' folder.

5. Expand the 'Control Panel' folder.

6. Click on the Desktop folder.

7. Now you should see 'Menu Show Delay' item on the right panel.

8. Right click the 'Menu Show Delay' item and select 'Modify'.

9. An 'Edit String' box will appear with a value of 400.

10. Change the value in the 'Edit String' box to a lesser value. I've changed the value to 50 in the picture below. You can change the value to 1 if you want so.

11. Press 'OK' button to finish it. Now check the speed of the start menu. You can see a faster start menu now.


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