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How to increase wordpress Speed? Boost Google page Speed and Ranking

Updated on August 30, 2014

About Wordpress speed and processing

Wordpress is one of most famous free CMS for websites, by using it you can develop every type of website weather it is blog or online shop, static or dynamic site, but simple usage of wordpress is not very helpful and we have to install many plugins for our needs and these plugins make our website slow, as they also take part in page generation, apart from this Wordpress theme also have negative effect on site speed, so this article will tell you how to maintain good speed with good user experience.

Before we move check your site speed first at or on

WordPress Speed dependence

WordPress site speed generally depend on following things :

  • Server speed
  • Coding structure

Coding structure play very important role in WordPress speed but unfortunately in WordPress each plugin is developed by different author so they may have different structure and type of processing which cause slowness of website, but if you have fast server this problem may be overcome.

Static and Dynamic sites

Static website is a website which is ready in HTML and do not need any server processing and due to this reason static websites have fast speed. Dynamic sites are those sites where each page is processed dynamically before transferred to user and this processing make website slow.

WordPress sites are dynamic in nature and each page & post is processed every time before it was transferred to client, due to this nature of WordPress your each plugin, post and page is processed every time users visits your site and this cause slowness to your site, this slowness of speed is shown by server response time in Google speed check.

If you have higher number of plugins and your site loads slow then best solution for your site is making it static, there are many plugins for this purpose, which are discussed later in this article.

How to increase WordPress speed?

There are several ways to increase your WordPress speed, main are followings.

  • By minifying JavaScript,
  • By Making your site static
  • By minifying CSS.
  • By increasing server power,
  • By optimizing images
  • By reducing server load
  • By using caches
  • BY compressing your site content,
  • By optimizing Database,
  • By Removing external frames,
  • By removing render blocking script from head section of your site,
  • By using CDN

How I do these things easily?

You want that there should be a single plugin that do all of these things for you automatically. Yes, there are, but not a single one with all these features, you have to install several plugins and all of these plugins together will increase your WordPress speed.

Plugins to increase WordPress speed

Following are most helpful plugins for increasing WordPress speed, read about them and use plugins which are best for you.

W3 Total cache

W3 Total cache is all in one multi purpose WordPress speed increasing plugin which is free, this plugin will do most of tasks for you, some important features of a plugin are given below :

  • Gzip compression,
  • Make your site static by using cache versions,
  • Minify CSS and JS,
  • Add expires header,
  • Help you to use CDN, if you want

This plugin is one of best free WordPress speed increasing plugin, you can install it from WordPress plugin directory for free, after installation enable its all features and manage your site as you want, further support about this plugin can be obtained from Google.

Best free plugin from yahoo to increase your WordPress speed by reducing image size while remaining image Quality, this plugin is best for sites having high number of images.

This plugin remove extra meta data from images and reduce their size up to 50%.

These are two best plugin for your site speed, other methods for reducing wordpress loading time are given below.


CDN (Content delivery network) is an easy way to reduce website load time and down time, In this method your users are provided data from nearest data location instead from one place, there are many CDN Networks, CDN networks require to be paid according to use, MaxCDN is best for WordPress, with easy control and plugin support.

USE cloud flare

Cloud flare can be used as a free service to maintain your site speed by several ways, Cloud flare protect your site by reducing spam traffic and Dos attack which make website slows.

Increase Server speed

Increasing server speed will surely increase WordPress website speed as it have direct effect on speed, Cloud hosting and dedicated hosting is preferred for speed.

Less outsource

Try to less outsource your content by reducing ads and content uploaded from external sites.

Less HTTP requests

More HTTP request will require more time for your content to load, WordPress have problem that it increase HTTP requests specially for images, like that, instead of this WordPress should have like that /WP-content/uploads/12.jpg , in WordPress this is not ready future, but you can do it manually.

Use CSS sprite

If you have too much images on front page or anywhere, then use CSS sprite functionality to reduce server bandwidth and loading time, you can get more info at Google about CSS sprite.

Use Rare Flash

Flash increase loading time, try to add very little flash or no flash specially on front page of side, Flash also have negative impact on users and on ranking.

Make a simple HTML mobile site

Make a simple mobile site with HTML or use plugin to devolpe mobile site, Mobile site should be fast and easily accessible, its good that you have static mobile site for better user experience.

Check speed again

After you have done all of above these steps or most of above stpes, check your website speed again, you will see a big difference, especially in Google testing tool, which will also increase user experience, increase in user experience also increase ranking.


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