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How to install Android apps from your computer

Updated on November 1, 2012


This hub was created in response to a question asking how to install Android apps on a tablet from a PC. The first question I have before explaining this is "Is there a reason you do not just use the Play Store to get your apps?" Getting them from the play store ensures they are the apps you are looking for and that they will work on your device. If nothing else, download a file manager from the Play Store that will allow you to explore your SD card and install the apps (I use Astro FIle Manager).

1. Download the app you are looking for. Apps end in the filetype .apk, so if you are looking for Angry Birds do a search online for "Angry Birds .apk" and download one to your computer.

2. Install your tablet on your computer. If you have Windows 7 or 8 then this will be done for you when you hook it up for USB tethering. If not look up drivers online for your tablet by brand and model such as "Samsung Galaxy windows vista drivers".

3. Make sure your tablet is in "Mass Storage" mode. Most tablets are in this mode by default so this should not be an issue.

4. From the computer, drag your downloaded .apk file to your tablet internal or SD storage.

5. From the tablet, launch Astro or whatever file manager you have and click on the .apk file.

6. The tablet should recognize the the file and ask if you want to install it. Click Install.

These steps are a little general because they vary come based on the tablet you have and how much electronic experience you have. If you have any specific questions please feel free to ask them in the comments.


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    • profile image

      harman 3 years ago

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      sandrra4love 3 years ago


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    • profile image

      Zeeshan 3 years ago

      Thank you very much.......your information really helped me.

    • profile image

      dddontshoot 4 years ago

      Hi, I found a solution that works.

      You go here:

      and get a chrome extension

      Then you go to Google Play and buy the app

      Then you run the extension and download the app to your hard drive.

      Then you get yourself an installer app. I use Androzip, but I'm sure there are heaps of them.

      Copy the APK to your phone using USB or SD card, and run the installer.

      Problem solved :-D

    • profile image

      dddontshoot 4 years ago

      Ok thanks for explaining that, but what I was really looking for was how to install an app onto my android (using Google Play) but without using my phone data which is expensive, or my wi-fi which is unreliable and gives me half and app and an 479 error.

      I have just made the switch from an iphone. I have become accustomed to downloading an app using itunes onto my computer using super awesome cable internet and installing the app using USB.

      Is my android simply incapable using internet via USB? I tried using EasyTeather, but I don't know if I'm doing it right.

      Also, I don't want to root my phone.

    • profile image

      Ervin 4 years ago

      Thanks you very much!!!! this help me a lot

    • profile image

      kiran 4 years ago

      Check this link to know how to download Android applications Quick and Easier way.

      Hope you are too smart to watch and free from all your doubts.. Keep posting to me your experiences.

    • profile image

      Mr.bosy pants 4 years ago

      What the hell?

    • profile image

      varsha 4 years ago

      thanx for this very easy and useful explanation ....

    • profile image

      ganesh 4 years ago

      How to run android game on laptop by using bluesticks.

    • profile image

      Anson 4 years ago

      Is it safe to download an apk app. and install it on my galaxy tab...because it gives me warning that the files may be damaged or lost

    • jaimin016 profile image

      jaimin 4 years ago from Ahmedabad

      I find out your blog from Google search engine and really it so much help me :D

    • AlphaTechWV profile image

      Scott Rose 4 years ago from Oak Hill, WV

      Just check the app store for Androzip

    • AlphaTechWV profile image

      Scott Rose 4 years ago from Oak Hill, WV

      I use this for computers that have small hard drives or no hard drive and run from a USB drive. It's more for flavor than anything else.

    • profile image

      Gopi 4 years ago

      i downloaded amazing spiderman for android from has rar file how do i install a rar file on my android device

    • profile image

      iphone tips 5 years ago

      very short tutorial foe installing android on computer. But what is the purpose of installing android on pc??? people install android on iPhone because it has lot more than iOS.