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How to install ES File explorer on Kindle Fire HD

Updated on May 30, 2013

Installing ES explorer on your Kindle Fire HD is probably one of the first steps to getting a whole lot of other third party apps on your device, most especially if you are outside the USA or perhaps you just want to install apps directly from the Amazon app store. ES file explorer also allows you to view files in your Kindle Fire folder in a different way that Kindle explorer views it. While Kindle explorer may not show some untrusted files, ES explorer allow you to view such files and do a lot of things with them.

You can install third party apps directly by copying the apk files to Kindle(either from computer or other source) and then simply open them using a file explorer like the ES explorer.

You can get the ES file explorer apk file from the Amazon website, Google Play site or from Opera apps depending on your location and it is a free app.

How to install ES file explorer

Enabling settings

  • First Go to Menu > Settings > Device > More
  • Allow installation from unknown sources

Downloading file

  • Open your Kindle Silk browser and go to
  • Search for ES file explorer

It's free so just download to your Kindle device


  • Open up the file from the downloaded files menu
  • Allow installation to take place

Now you can always use the app by going to Apps > ES file explorer

Things you can do with ES file explorer

  • Open and install apk files copied to Kindle folders via computer or web
  • View other files which Kindle explorer can't view
  • Play videos and music using ES media player
  • Explore most folders in your Kindle device

Get ES File Explorer Today


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