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How to shop on without a credit card

Updated on December 30, 2012

Shopping for stuff online at can be exciting and satisfying as it is practically one of the largest online store in the world where you can get almost anything you would need. From computers to dvds, household items, clothes, jewelleries, books and so on, you can find them from the store.

When it comes to shopping online at Amazon, a credit card almost becomes a necessity as the basic means of making payment. However, there are other payment options besides making use of a credit card.

Payment options offered by Amazon

According toe the Amazon website. the following payment options are available:

  • US Bank account
  • Credit cards
  • Gift cards

In order to start using your bank account for shopping at, you will have to verify it first and afterwards be able to use it in placing orders. Credit cards are a much faster method of shopping on the website as long as they are valid and funds are available. Gift cards on the other hand are Amazon's own payment cards and they are prepaid cards that contain some credit that allows the holder to make immediate payments, backed by Amazon, during a checkout process.

Using Gift cards on Amazon

A gift card is a form of credit to your account that allows you to offset bills on the Amazon store. It has already being paid for by the sender which could be a friend or even yourself. When you receive a gift card in the mail, it normally comes with a claim code which you'd use in redeeming it and adding funds to your Amazon account. Once the gift card has been redeemed, you can then use it as a payment tool when checking out as long as the funds are sufficient for the payment.

Redeeming your Amazon Gift card

Once the gft card has been sent to you, you should

  1. Log into to your account
  2. Go to gift card redemption center
  3. Enter the gift card claim code
  4. Account will be credited with the funds which never expire until you use it

If the gift card came by email, you can also immediately credit it to your account by clicking on the redeem now button.

Using your Gift card

Your gift card can now be used to shop online after you've added it to your account. When checking out after your shopping experience and don't want o use your credit card, you can always use your gift card as long as the balances agree


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