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How to install Interactive Whiteboard in Classroom?

Updated on July 27, 2016

Interactive Whiteboard: Prime Element of a Smart Classroom

Smart Classroom is the latest trend in the education industry. And, interactive whiteboard is the instructional technology that lays its foundation. Educational institutes are developing smart classrooms in order to keep pace with changing trends. It involves huge investment to purchase and install these boards. Cost of Equipment cannot be controlled, but installation expenses can be abandoned if teachers and electrician get together to fix equipment in classrooms. Here, stepwise procedure is explained to enable readers install and calibrate interactive whiteboard.

Interactive Whiteboard Picture & Features

Installation Procedure

Prepare the tools
You require a set of tools in order to start the installation process. Get the following tools ready -

  1. Drill Machine
  2. Drill Bit 9.5mm
  3. Hammer

Hanging Angle Fastener

  1. Insert a 9.5mm bit into the drill machine.
  2. Drill a hole onto the wall at appropriate height (recommended 2000mm)
  3. Drill another hole at same level 1565mm apart from the center of the first hole.
  4. Insert 100mm angle fastener into the holes on the wall.
  5. Hammer the top of the fastener lightly to make sure that the fastener hold on the hole inside the wall firmly.
  6. Make sure 2/3rd of the fastener goes inside the wall.
  7. Now, place the nut onto the fastener.
  8. Place two magnetic clutches on the lower side of the board as shown in the diagram -


Hanging Interactive Whiteboard

Two people are required for mounting the whiteboard to the wall as it is heavy. Hold the interactive whiteboard from the middle by one hand supporting its weight at the bottom (avoid holding it from the top ends as the top ends hold sensors and it might destroy them) and by other hand hang it onto the fasteners on the wall.

To obtain proper rectangular image on interactive whiteboard surface, make sure that it is properly installed on the wall. The vertical distance of both the fasteners should be equal from the ground.

Connecting Interactive Whiteboard to PC

  1. Connect one end of 5m 2.0USB Cable (supplied with whiteboard) with the USB port of computer and the other end to the whiteboard.
  2. Connect Projector to PC using a VGA Cable.

Installing Software

  1. Insert the CD (provided with whiteboard) in the CD- ROM Drive of PC and open the folder.
  2. Double click on Setup.exe file and follow instructions to load the software.
  3. Double click on Open - "MULTI-TOUCH" Folder
  4. Run open "MULTI-TOUCH" Program to load the software.
  5. Copy calibrate.exe file to program files.

Calibrating Interactive Whiteboard

  1. Run Calibration Software calibrate.exe (either from shortcut key or from the parent folder).
  2. Touch four points sequentially to calibrate the whiteboard.
  3. For best results, finger or stylus should be perpendicular to the touch point.
  4. Touching the center of the circle will produce higher accuracy.

Now, Interactive Whiteboard is ready to use.

Writing Software of Interactive Whiteboard

Watch Demonstration Video to see all features of writing software that comes with the device. This video has been taken from a leading corporate that sells interactive whiteboard in India. Maximum features are displayed like pen, highlighters, intuitive pen, image library, image annotation, recording, video annotation, etc.

Demonstration Video of Interactive Whiteboard

Likewise, do installation on your own and abandon installation charges

This installation guide would enable you to quickly install whiteboard in classroom. In case you have any query, feel free to ask.


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