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How to install chrome browser on Kindle Fire HD without rooting

Updated on January 13, 2013

Chrome for android is available already but it is officially available at the google play store. What some techies do to get the google appstore on a Kindle is to root it. Rooting a device like your kindle may not be the best option for just getting the chrome browser app installed on it. You can still sideload it and avoid rooting since the effects of rooting a kindle Fire are for now irreversible and may cause some future problems.

Downloading and installing Google's chrome browsers is probably going to change the way you see the web on your Kindle Fire HD since it would offer something a bit different than what Silk browser currently offers.

The main question then is, "Can Chrome really work on Kindle?". Well yes it can. However, you should note that chrome for Android is not directly supported by Amazon, the maker of Kindle Fire and that's why they don't offer it yet on their appstore.

How do we then install chrome browser on Kindle? Well, we just need to first get the chrome apk file, download it to Kindle and then run installation from within. I recently installed chrome on my Kindle Fire HD and it works great!

How to install Chrome browser on your Kindle Fire HD

  1. Get the Chrome browser apk file (from any free site)
  2. Copy it to your computer
  3. Transfer it to your Kindle Fire HD using the USB cable
  4. Enable installation from third parties in your Kindle settings
  5. Ensure you already have ES file explorer on your Kindle. You can get it from
  6. Open the chrome browser apk file with your ES file explorer
  7. Allow installation to take place and complete
  8. The chrome browser will be available in your apps folder

To start using the installed Chrome browser on your Kindle, just go to Apps > Chrome. Now, as long as you are connected to the internet, you can always browse with Chrome in a similar way you browse on Kindle's silk browser.

Personalizing Chrome browser on your Kindle Fire HD

As you use chrome on your Kindle, you'd find out that it doesn' t come with the same settings, bookmarks and history that you have been usd to if you normall use chrome on other devices like your desktop or laptop. One innovative thing about Google's chrome browser is that you can import most of your customized settings from other devices into any device like the Kindle you are already using.

You can import your bookmarks and other settings by simply signing into chrome from your browser using your Google account. So as long as you are signed in from your computer and Kindle, chrome would synchronize your personalized settings and bookmarks to make sure that they have the same data on any device you are using. It works like magic and I'm loving chrome on my Kindle Fire HD.

So, just sign into Chrome and you would have all you settings imported to Kindle or any other device you want.


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