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Updated on November 9, 2019


Python is a high level & general purpose programming language . It was created in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum who was a programmer. Python is one of the famous high level language used for hacking purposes, it can be effectively used in artificial inelegance.It supports functional, procedural & object oriented programming. It helps programmers to write clear & logical code for small & large projects.Its the most expressive programming language.

Since 2003, Python has been ranked among top 10 popular programming languages.Python enables programmer more efficient approach than conventional programming languages such as Java or C. For String manipulations & search in a dictionary, scripting languages such as Python, PHP .

Python can support large library which is one of the major reasons for its strength. It provides a vast majority of tools. It contains over 130,000 packages and it supports vast functionality, including Text Processing (used in projects related to Natural Language Processing), Image Processing (Computer Vision related projects), Machine Learning (Data Science & Data Analytics), Web scraping, Databases, Graphical User Interfaces and Web Frameworks.

What is IDE?

IDE stands for Integrated Development environment, it provides an environment that allows us to write a program and then test it.An IDE typically contains a code editor, a compiler or interpreter, and a debugger. The writer writes the source code in code editor where he can edit it as well. Then compiler have a job to do, it translates the written code into computer friendly language that is directly executable and understandable for the machine.Then comes debugger, it check our code for any errors and bugs.

Benefits of using IDEs...

IDE helps the programmer to manage his program,it can improve the productivity of the software.Moreover it provides different options like in most of IDEs you can do application development in java script or HTML, as well as in C/C++ language etc. IDEs are designed in such a way that they provides all the tools in one interface.

Types of IDEs:

IDE depends upon the type of application you want to make, suppose if someone wants to make application for apple or Mac he have to use IDE that enables Apple swift programming.Types of IDEs range from web-based and cloud-based to mobile, language-specific or multi-language.

Web base IDEs are used mainly for web development like HTML, Java Script or similar languages.Visual Studio enables Web Based Programming.

An IDE used for development of application used in mobiles normally works with code that runs on iOS or Android devices. Xamarin is an example of a cross-platform mobile IDE.

Best IDEs software

There are lots of IDEs but according to my point of view following are the best ones

1.Visual Studio

2. Code::Blocks

3. Eclipse

4. Net Beans

5. Pycharm

6. Intelij IDEA

7. X code

8. Ruby Mine

9. Aptana Studio 3

10. Komodo

Anaconda Ide

Anaconda is an open source and free distribution IDE for Python & R programming languages. It allow simplification of package deployment management & many extra features. It is mainly used in applications related to machine learning, data science & scientific computing.It is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Below I have shown the complete method of installing anaconda IDE, which is a powerful IDE for python programming , its interface is much similar to the interface of MatLab , if you are engineering student then you might have used .

Step by Step installation of anaconda IDE

click here link click on the above link which redirects you to anaconda's official downloading page.
Now here are steps that you should follow:


Click on download


Choose any of the following option according to space you have and efficiency of you PC and click on download.


After downloading the file open it and run it.


It will start executing and you will see following window on your screen.


click on next :


click on next :


Simply go for recommended options and click on next :


select the path in which you want to install anaconda according to your available space by clicking on browse then click on next:


Check both option as in the snap below ,and click on install:

STEP 10:

Check the first one simply If not checked and click on install :

STEP 11:

it will take a while so you can enjoy a cup of tea:

STEP 12:

At the end click on next and then finish :


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      helped me alot,,,, thnk you


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