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How to launch your own video streaming app?

Updated on August 14, 2020
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From a technology standpoint itself, there are multiple moving parts you would need to deal with :


1. Transcoding the original video (typically MPEG format) is essential so that Adaptive Bit Rate based serving can be enabled.

Transcoding means breaking the original video into multiple bit rates of varying levels of resolutions so that if a user has high network connectivity the platform should serve them a high-resolution data packet but if the user’s connectivity level is not good the platform can automatically switch to serving them a relatively low-resolution data packet. So that at least there is no jerkiness or buffering that the user faces & the whole experience continues to be seamless.

There are Transcoding services available such as AWS elastic transcoder etc but every video platform has to go for these integrations, make complex pipes & jobs. Ideally, go for one which has a very simple rest API based integration.

2. Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) for streaming the videos — have their servers in various geo locations where the content streamed by you can be cached so that it can be fetched faster for subsequent viewers & your streaming costs are lower. CDN capacity globally is following short of streaming demand & this is one of the key reasons why most users continue to face buffering. You need to identify a CDN partner such as AWS or Akamai which has the least latency. Some next-generation technologies such as Mogi ( have a multi-layered architecture where they switch between multiple CDNs in real-time for every individual user to optimize on buffer-free performance & reduce cost. This significantly enhances your user experience.

3. Video Player — You would need to pick an open-source player such as XO or Saka player and build on top of that based on your business logic. This is a time-consuming task & has an opportunity cost for your precious engineering resources.

4. Video analytics — It's important to know how your users are engaging with your content. Only if you have these insights can you ensure a superior engagement of users with your platform?

If you do not wish to build the whole platform in house & focus more on your core competence of building content & getting users it is best to look for a specialist plug & play solution. Fortunately, Mogi has recently launched its white-label OTT solution that lets you launch your own app within 24 hours on Android & iOS.

Not only that they also provide a complete solution which has a web portal for managing content, subscribers & admin. Along with that, the core video tech infrastructure is entirely theirs. Ranging from AI-based transcoding with quality enhancement & compression, patented video streaming engine, top-notch cloud storage & security and finally video analytics benchmarked to Conviva.

You can check them out on

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2020 Mogi


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