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How to learn C# from Java and C++

Updated on July 2, 2011
C# is combined with the power of C++ and elegance of Java
C# is combined with the power of C++ and elegance of Java

Why learn C# and how?

Learning C# is not easier than any other modern programming language. But if you have already learned either C++ or Java then, learning C# would be bliss. First start you learning C# by understanding what is the difference with C# from java or C++, or both. Then you could straight away start programming and learn the new stuffs in C# on the run.

What's the position of C# in .net platform
What's the position of C# in .net platform

What is .NET Platform ?

C, C++ and java have been governing the whole programming industry for past two decades. They gave the developers tremendous power to develop high performance scientific and commercial applications. By the new popularity gained by the Internet, it became necessary that more flexibility for programming web based components was essential. Finally, Microsoft came with a platform where these web services can be readily accessed, programmed and distributed. This was the .NET platform. Its advantage was that it could be accessed from normal Internet Protocols. The .Net platform made the web more programmable and intelligent. The .Net was also known as the Software as a Service (SaaS) of Microsoft.

What is C# ?

C# has been built to be the native language of .NET to develop the components. The C# sharp compiler is already embedded into the heart of the .NET platform as represented in the figure shown. C# is also a descendant of C++ just like java. However C++ was derived from the programming language C. Thus C is the mother of all three modern languages C++, Java and C#. Many of the features of C++ were enhance and added to the C# and some new features were also integrated. The crux of c# can be explained in three lines.
1.       Concept of C
2.       Power of C++
3.       Elegance of Java
Both C++ and Java were not completely Object Oriented Languages, even java didn’t support pure multiple inheritance. Whereas the C# was released as the first completely Object Oriented Language. It had all the important features such as.

  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

The entire C# is built on a Virtual Object System (VOS) of the .Net Framework. In C#, everything is an object. There are no global functions, variables and constants.

Applications of C#

  • Developing ASP.Net projects
  • Developing Windows controls
  • Providing .net web services
  • Creating web controls
  • Developing .Net component library

What are the difference between C# and C++?

There were lots of dropped out as well as enhanced features from C++ in C#. Understanding these differences alone would give you a big picture of c# in mind.

  • The C# complier directly converts the source code into an executable code, without creating and intermediate object file like C++.
  • No header files are needed in C# as the classes are designed and implemented in the same place.
  • In C#, the if and while statements must be conditioned with a bool value result. Accidental use of ‘=’ in the place of ‘==’ (equality operator), which all of use do usually; will be caught by the compiler.
  • The C# supports and additional iterative statement rather than the three in C++ (if, while, for). The fourth one is foreach.

Other Enhancements to C++

  • Automating garbage collection
  • Version support
  • Delegates and events
  • Boxing and Unboxing
  • Web services
  • Strict type-safety
  • Properties to access data members

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What are the difference between C# and java?

Java was also developed partially from C++. Java has already gained popularity as a web-programming language. C# borrows many good features from Java. However, there are a number of differences between both.

  • In C# all data types are objects, java doesn’t support this.
  • Although the C# runtime .net is similar to the one in java, the compiler of C# produces an executable file.
  • C# doesn’t allow free fall through from case to case.
  • C# supports struct whereas java doesn’t support this.
  • C# allows a variable number for params using params keyword.
  • C# uses is operator instead of the instanceof operator in java.
  • C# has no labeled break statement; this is achieved by using goto.

You can now jump into the coding and start learning the C# language technically. If you found this article, then please 'vote up' in the green button below so that it will be easy for others also to find this article about learning C#. You can also tweet it or share it with programmer - friends who would love to get the juice from this amazing programming language.


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    • mr-burns profile image

      mr-burns 6 years ago

      An excellent insight. Thanks

    • profile image

      Pio 7 years ago

      There is an excellent web app here specifically for ASP.NET monitoring that I would highly recommend.

    • Petroley profile image

      Petroley 7 years ago from Zenica, Bosnia

      nice tutorial :D