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Tips for maintaining Computer for good performance

Updated on December 29, 2011

The world is overall computerized from home to office, shops to malls and everywhere. Most of the people using computer are well versed in using the computer and very few only know about the maintenance of computer. What is called maintenance? Who can do this maintenance? Is there any special knowledge required for maintaining computer and what is the special purpose of maintaining a computer? Computer performance is based on how we maintain computer and accessories.

Computer maintenance
Computer maintenance | Source

About Computer maintenance

We can do some small maintenance by own. Some basic knowledge and awareness about computer is enough to maintain our computer. This will not only reduce the service charge for paying to hardware professional or technician but also we can make it ready when we need it during urgent time.

We can get some basic books from the websites and know about RAM, Processor, Input and output units, Memory, Hard disk, etc. Just basic knowledge is enough like what is this and what is the use of this, where it is located in the computer. As we may see in a TV or music player manual, even in a remote manual, we can see a picture and numbers 1, 2, 3 and the part names. Like that make a picture of computer and name the parts with the help of a book or website. Within a few days time, you will get better knowledge about a computer.

The above said contents are for the people who doesn't know anything about computer but are using the computer as a front end user.

Basic things we can do for maintenance

UPS - Uninterrupted Power supply:

We should use an UPS when we are using computer. Most of the people may use high performance computers but without using an UPS may cause damage to computer. So using UPS is a must during power cut and voltage variation problems. So make use of UPS and connect the computer. UPS with backup of 20 minutes is enough for using at home. When power cut happens, improper shut down of computer may corrupt hard disk, loss of data and system files or operating system corrupt. So to avoid this, use a proper and good UPS for power backup.

Proper shut down:

In some cases, we may be of some urgent, during that time, we may not have patience to shut down computer. We will directly switch of the power. But it is not correct. We have to wait for proper shut down. Otherwise, it will corrupt the operating system and the performance of the system will start to decrease. When ever you want to shut down the computer, make proper shut down and then switch off the power supply.

While talking about the computer, we have to give extra efforts for the personal computer or Desktop computer than a laptop. Since the desktop computer has having separate units like keyboard, monitor, CPU and other devices like Printer, Scanner, etc. So we have to keep the computer as dust free.

Daily or once in two days, we have to clean the computer to remove the dust. The dust will make keyboard to stuck, hard disk or RAM may get problem. So it is necessary to clean inside the CPU with a dust remover. When not in use, close the computer with a dust cover which avoids the dust deposit. Some monitors will look like, the dust particles will be more than the contents visible in the monitor. So clean the monitor with a white cloth daily. This will be of great help to our eyes also.

Some of the people will use their computer in a normal desk. It is suggested to use a proper computer desk where there is a provision to keep the keyboard, CPU, Monitor and Printer. It will give a great look and also makes easy to use the computer. Rack system computer table will allow to keep your hardware and software related C.D and other informative books related to software and hardware. This will make to easy to use when searching for a particular operating system or software installation. So make your computer table to use the computer in a better way.

Do not keep unwanted things in the computer desk. In most cases, alarm clock, mobile phone, Watch will be the rest place for computer desk. Change the habit of keeping all these things in the computer table. Keep only the computer and related things in the computer desk. This will look legible and also avoid unnecessary damage. Since the hard disk is a sensitive one and there may be chance of hard disk crash even a small piece of hair got stuck in the hard disk (say for example). That much sensitive our hard disk, so without giving much damage to our system, keep other things away from the desk.

The other things which we can consider for maintenance and what are the things we can do our own and what are the things we can call for a technician for computer related problems and maintenance, we will see in my next hub.


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