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Video marketing. How to make a video production go viral

Updated on October 23, 2015

Viral video marketing

10 things to Make Your Video Production Go Viral

Everyone has a dream of having his or her web video go viral. Before now, it always seemed to be pure luck, however, we now know there are certain things one can do to make their video most likely go viral. You can actually pull it off with the appropriate formula, as well as, the proper use of YouTube.

Viral video marketing for promotional videos at it's best

Where is video marketing at now?

Here are a few pointers:

  • The successfulness of viral campaigns such as the Old Spice advertisements shows many people are looking to invest in expert online video production.
  • Online marketing campaign spending has increased by 22% in 2 years, mirroring the growth of online marketplace, as well as, changes in behaviour of customers.
  • Opulent customers presently spend well over 40 hours each week online, and if you can get to them via a trustworthy site such as YouTube or Dailymotion, then purchases might likely increase by up to 14%

Take the first step – Having a plan

Online video productions that are very successful always start with a good plan. Nevertheless, there’s no such guarantee that your video would go viral, however, using the right methods, you can increase your number of views enough to make an impact. Here are ten components to turbo start your progress.

10 steps to make a video go viral

1. Easily Shared

How shareable is your web video? Yes, you have to make it easily shareable, so as to make people want to click on it, and most importantly share it with their friends as well. Try as much as you can to make the video entertaining and something people can connect with emotionally. How do you do that? Try to get people talking by sharing practical information or maybe address a touching topic. Just observe what people are already sharing and think of how you can improve on it.

2. Conversation Making

Web videos can be great for making conversations. When you speak to your audience directly, they’re bound to feel a certain connection with you, and as a result pay attention to whatever you’re saying. This makes them sort of loyal, although they haven’t made a purchase yet. Blog videos are great ways to establish this kind of connection, particularly when you give them the opportunity of responding and share their notions.

3. Create Interactivity

The one mistake a lot of people make is seeing web videos as a one way communication. It shouldn’t be so. Try as much as possible to get to know some of your video followers, as you can communicate more effectively with them when you do, which will of course make other viewers take interest in your videos. The best way to do this is to become interested in your viewers, so that they too will become interested in you.

4. Always be Consistent

Now, this is one of the big secret – be consistent in your niche. If every one of your video revolves around a particular idea, you’re sure going to build up a brand for yourself and people will get to know you. Try to publish regularly too, so people will always be looking forward to your next video and when to expect it. Make effort to maintain a certain tone, as well as, interest in anything you publish.

5. Find a Focus

Define your target audience and find out more about them, as this will assist you to reach them more. One great tool for YouTube videos is YouTube Analytics. This tool helps you in finding out who is watching your video, as well as, other things that interest them. Use this to plan your strategy and try creating different aspects of your videos to get in touch with other type of audiences.

6. Keep at it

Web videos that develop over the time are more effective than one-off videos, however, if you intend to keep at it, you will need to make certain you have the needed resources. Calculate carefully about your current capacity, as well as, in the future. Make sure you can easily access the production facilities you use for your videos anytime and other presenters your video audience likes. More so, be certain that the central theme in which you build your video around, is something you can easily build more videos on, without getting short of ideas.

7. Easy to Find

Viral web videos need to be found easily. YouTube is one of the world’s largest search engines, and you should know how to take advantage of that. Use Google trends to find out what people are looking for and create your contents according to that. Take notice of the videos that show up on the right hand side of YouTube when your video is playing. These are videos that YouTube thinks are related to your video and you should work with such trends.

8. Easily Accessible

If you get your videos created the right way, you will keep getting viewers. As you wouldn’t want any new viewer to miss out on the previous videos, you need to develop a powerful call-to-action that would direct them to the initial video. Make your videos in such a way that people are able to make sense out of your videos at any point in the series, but would still want to view what you’ve published previously. Make use of links in the video description to make it easier for them.

9. Partnering

One fast way of drawing attention to your YouTube Videos and developing a fan following is to partner with already existing YouTube stars, that is, individuals who have already built up a great fan following. They could be popular people online or known celebrities. Contacting them and convincing them to promote your YouTube videos can help you reach a very big audience. Search for collaborators who value your services or products and are keen to promote them.

10. Inspire the Audience

A successful web video production starts with passion. If you really love what you do, the audience is bound to see it in your videos. More still, you’d find it easier to maintain your zeal over time and keep on immersing your viewers.

When you have erected a successful method like this, you can then give it a little push by investing more money to make more special videos. Then your already established audience will give them the opportunity of going viral.


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