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How to make a wiki site?

Updated on March 17, 2012
How to make wiki site?
How to make wiki site?

Have you ever wished to have your own wikipedia website?

Well you can have it! There is many options and platforms that you can use to create your own wiki place.

You can get it from as cheap as free, with some limitations of course. Even if you want more sophisticated platform for professional use, you don't have to build it from scratch as many providers will sell you complete wiki systems from few $ per month.

Free wiki sites

There are numerous web platforms that will give you wiki space for free. Since wiki will be hosted on their servers, advantages using it will be:

  • no need for hosting plan
  • no need to buy your own domain
  • no programming skills needed
  • fast setting up wiki website

You should know that they have limitations that can include:

  • ads on pages
  • wiki will be on subdomain
  • limited space
  • limited users

List of free wiki sites


Wikispaces offers you one completely free wiki with unlimited pages and users. It has all the standard wiki features and WYSIWYG editor. File storage is limited to 2G and 10 MB for single file, and should cover most of basic needs. Free wiki on Wikispaces include ads.


Some of you might also know it under former name Wikicities. Wikia is a free Wiki-hosting project owned by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. You can create your own wiki on subdomain, that will look like Wikia has ads but they aren't so intrusive as on some other platforms.

Free wiki CMS systems

There are also free CMS systems that can be used for making a wiki websites.

What is your favourite wiki site?

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    • SirNick profile image

      SirNick 5 years ago from London

      I prefer self hosted wiki sites as you can allow your own adverts

      I've used mediawiki on a couple of sites now and love it, it's a tad complicated but worth learning.

    • luk45 profile image

      luk45 6 years ago

      You are most welcome :)

    • theinfoplanet profile image

      theinfoplanet 6 years ago from The Planet of Information

      This is so amazing! I have always been using free site builders such as weebly or webs but did not know about the ability to create wikispaces. I am really excited because you can have users and such on it, which is really cool. Thanks for sharing this with me, voted up!