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How to make hearts on Facebook with Symbols

Updated on February 16, 2012

When in Rome

Do as the Romans do,or as in this case it's Facebook Friends.

I am not the type to going around putting hearts and flowers on letters or notes. Sometimes I will put a goofy smiley face as I am writing a note. But have you seen Facebook lately with all the hearts on them? Then a gal at work showed me how to do it on my status on FB and for some crazy reason I was excited. Go figure, right?
So I would share some knowledge on the new phase that's sweeping through this Media Craze.

To produce ALT symbols on windows, press and hold the ALT key and, while holding it, enter a special number combination. You have to use the numbers on the right side of the keybord for entering the ALT symbols. If you don’t have a numeric keypad (laptops often don’t have one), you need to hold both the ALT and Fn key and then press the (coloured) numbers that you can find next to the letters on your keyboard. Don’t use the numbers on top of your keyboard as they don’t work to create symbols.

What are some alt codes?
Here are some Alt Codes: ☺ = Alt + 1 ☻ = Alt + 2 ♥ = Alt + 3 ♦ = Alt + 4 ♣ = Alt + 5 ♠ = Alt + 6 • = Alt + 7 ◘ = Alt + 8 ○ = Alt + 9 ◙ = Alt + 10 ♂= 11 ♀ = 12 ♪ = 13 ♫ = 14 ☼ = 15 ► = 16 ◄ = 17 ↕ =18 ‼ = 19 ¶ = 20 § = 21 ▬ = 22 ↨ = 23 ↑ =24 ↓ = 25 → =26 ← = 27 ∟ = 28 ↔ = 29 ▲ = 30

Now, if you cheat a little and copy and paste some really really pretty and bright symbol they won't turn out like you would want them. I tried, and I failed. So I took photos of what I wrote, and downloaded them as pictures, on Facebook.


The iPhone Heart

<3 This is another way to put a heart on Facebook or anywhere you want from your iPhone.Type it in your status then when you post it, it is a heart. This all new to me but it is like a Treasure Trove, just a bunch of hidden symbols in the keys! One time I was writing a letter to one of my bosses on the software Word and typed in a :) and when I copied it, it came out a little smiley face.☺

It has seemed to be more necessary to have regard to the weight of words rather than to their number. - Cicero


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    • Dee42 profile image

      Dee42 6 years ago from Beautiful Arkansas

      Oh you're welcome. It's the little things that make our life sweeter.

    • NightFlower profile image

      NightFlower 6 years ago

      Cute! I love hearts. I may have to refer to your page a few times before I get it right but I like the idea. I like the facebook hearts (ihearts) you can send to different people and they are my favorite thing to receive. Thanks Dee