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How to make your android device run longer

Updated on April 28, 2014

There are a lot of things that are really annoying in this world. One of them is when your phone battery dies while you still need to call someone or look something up on the Internet. I myself have an android phone and have experienced some very annoying 'dead battery' moments.

Therefore I have made a list with good things to do to make your android batteries last longer. I hope it will help you. First I will list them. I will explain all of them in more detail in the rest of the article. So if you think one method is the coolest, feel free to skip to the part where that one is explained. (all methods can be combined)

  • easy battery basics

  • saving RAM

  • Greenify

  • Whole new android?

  • The cure that is always the best...

Wi-Fi switch
Wi-Fi switch

Easy battery basics

There are some easy battery basics everyone should know about. Most likely you already know about them, so I will keep this part very short. There are a few functions on your phone that make it lurch your battery as fast as possible. The biggest ones are the big screen and the data connection. Here you can cut out a lot of unnecessary battery usage.

First, the screen. If you always run out of battery, just try to put your screen brightness to a low level and turn 'auto brightness' off. Both a high brightness level and auto brightness consume a lot of battery.

Second is the data. If you don't need data connection at a given moment, just switch it off. It really saves a lot of battery power. Now, I know a lot of people like to get WhatsApp messages all the time, so putting out data connection is no option. In that case, make sure you don't have two methods of data connection enabled. When you're not at home and connected via 3g network, switch your WiFi off. Otherwise it will keep searching for WiFi networks all the time.

Clear RAM
Clear RAM

Saving RAM

Another thing that's always consuming battery power very sneakily, is your RAM. Your android device always runs a lot of applications in the background. Basically, most apps you open and close, keep running, even though you are not using them. Most of these are completely unnecessary, so why not kill them? On most android devices you can find the running applications under Settings-->Applications (manager)-->Running. Here you can just click the app(s) you want to stop running in the background and click stop. Next to these setting, most android devices have an option to kill all running apps in their multitasking menu and even the option to clear ram. These options are a lot faster, but a little bit less specific. On the other hand, with the multi task options, you are always sure you are not killing something your phone really needs. In which case you have would to reboot your phone to get it to work again.

Greenify logo
Greenify logo | Source


This method could have also been put under the saving ram method. But because greenify is such a cool app, I wanted to give it some special attention. Greenify is an app, that let's you select apps to kill instantly.

For some apps, killing them manually after you close them, isn't enough. They just open on their own and start doing useless crap in the background to annoy you. They consume a lot of battery and make your device slower. In greenify you can select those apps and greenify will take care of them. Every time an app you selected tries to open on it's own, greenify will kill it and therefore will make your android device run longer.

Unfortunately, greenify needs root-acces. That means, if you haven't rooted your android device it won't work as cool as displayed above. However, rooting your device is very easy, completely legal and has a lot of advantages. I would definitely recommend everyone who hasn't rooted his or her device yet, to do so.

Android Revolution
Android Revolution

Whole new android?

The next one is a really big step if you are not too familiar with android and computers. You will need a rooted android device, so if you are not willing to do that, please feel free to skip to the last one, which everyone can do.

Most android devices come with thousands of functions and even more background functions. This consumes a lot of battery power. The software your android device runs has some functions in it, that make your battery drain very fast. The cool thing about android is, that you can easily change the software your device is running. As a result you can find a lot of custom android ROMs on the Internet. Nearly all of them are free to download, because the android community is a very generous community. Between all of those ROMs are also some battery optimization ROMs. Some programmers found a fast draining battery as annoying as you think it is, so they decided to rewrite some software. Don't be afraid to lose a lot of functions, they have just cut out useless things and made necessary thing less battery consuming. A good example is the 'Android Revolution' ROM I have currently running on my s3. It makes my battery last at least a third longer and haven't noticed any differences accept for that one.

Installing a custom ROM to make your android device run longer, is (one of) the best options to get more out of your phone. The only disadvantage is the fact that it takes some time and research. First you need to find out which ROM you want to install and if it's compatible with your device. Then you need to root your device and install the ROM. None of this is very hard since there is a lot of help and a lot of tutorials online. The only problem is that it costs some spare time. The best place to start your journey to a new and battery saving android ROM, is Google.

The cure that's always the best...

So, your battery isn't working the way you like? How about simply buying a new one? Most android phones have an exchangeable battery. That means you can just buy a new battery and stuff it into your android device. For most android devices you can buy a new battery for around 20$. This way your android device will run as long as it did at the time you bought it. You can even always take your old battery with you, so you can exchange the battery if you run out of power on the first one.

When you buy a new battery for your android device, a good advice is to fully unload it, before plugging it into a socket. After that you should fully load it. That way you can get the maximum capacity out of your battery in the future.


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