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How to make your handwriting a font

Updated on April 12, 2017

Hey ok so basically you print out a template where you hand write all the characters you need. This template is found on the myscriptfont website as a pdf. Print this pdf then use a sharpie or a thick marker to write your characters. Next you scan it through your printer. Then you upload it to this website: where it creates the font for you! You then title it whatever you want and then download it. Next go to a word document and type in your new font name in the font box and your font should work!

Cred to HarrrMONICA on youtube for this step by step process.

This process is the easiest to use to get the overall result of creating a new font. I've tried multiple free programs with no luck because they are so complicated. This also completely skips the converting your handwriting into a vector step that saves so much time and pointless trial and error. I definitely recommend this for an efficient and easy way of creating your own font. I have been trying to figure out how to do this with vector programs for months with no success. However I tried this method once and it worked the first time!

I definitely will be creating new font more often with this helpful and easy method!

How to Create Your Own Fonts


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