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How to manage all your passwords using a masterpassword in Firefox

Updated on April 20, 2012
lastpass addon
lastpass addon

Everyday large number of sites are added to the great domain of internet. It is very difficult to keep a track of them. The number of options in front of us is also increasing. Even in case of a social networking site there is a large number of social networking sites to choose from. It is getting more and more difficult to keep the passwords for all these sites in memory. So it is always better to keep one master password for password managing addons. Lastpass is a very good password managing addon available in mozilla, chrome etc.

Advantages of using Lastpass addon

If you are using Lastpass addon, you need to remember only one password for all your sites. This does not mean that all passwords need to be the same. You can use strong passwords as you like, because you do not need to remember it. There is an option to generate strong passwords. Whenever you type a new password in a site, lastpass will ask whether it is to be saved or not. If you save this password in lastpass, from next time itself when you type the address of the site in address bar or click a link to the site, lastpass will automatically fill username and password and login you automatically.

You can use this addon across various platforms. For example within windows, if you are using Mozilla firefox and Google chrome you can use this addon in both browsers and use single lastpass account for managing both addons. Also if you are using Linux, you can access the passwords that you stored in this addon from the Firefox in Linux after installing this addon. The only thing that you need for sites is your master password. You will get this password when you are creating Lastpass account at the first login

You can save a large extent of time that you spend filling the username and password in the sites you visit. From now on Lastpass will do this task if you install this addon and save passwords. Actually it overrides the default password remember function in the browser

How to get Last pass addon

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, it is easy. Find addon option from the menu on the top. Or simply go to Google and search 'mozilla addons'. Go to the first link. There you can see a large number of top using addons. Search lastpass in the search box. Click add to Firefox option available next to it.Then click the restart firefox option. Installation is complete. While accessing lastpass for first time, you will be asked to create an account in lastpass. This will ask your email address also, for making the password reset option available through email

Future trends

Mozilla is conducting a lot of research in using a single sign in for entire internet. They termed this research as Browser ID project. In this project they are planning to incorporate a combined mechanism of an ID for browser and an email account for verification of the user for all sites. To read more check

Google is also conducting researches in single sign in for all Google apps. It is used in recently released chrome book using Google's chrome OS.


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